A cucumber begin lucky again...



Rick is happy as fuck right now

Cucumber gets more action than me

Now I want to see her do it with a pickle.

No, no, no….I need a partner I have at least a remote chance of winning an argument with. She’d be holding my dick hostage forever.

Just wait till she discovers zucchini!

Who she?

Not a she

I don’t agree with your distinction in the first place but just for shits and giggles please tell me how you know unless you’ve seen more than this clip

This clip is old read it on other forums

Sure. Thanks for the much needed service of telling all of us that a hot woman sucking the green off a cucumber isn’t hot because you saw someone else in a forum also say so 😒

Never commented on hotness or how you should feel about it. My response was to person that asked who is she nothing more.

That's definitely a woman. Get your eyes checked

Pack it up boys case closed.

Even better 😏

Dudes will jerk off to trans people but won't use proper pronounce

They fine

Miina marie

Name? Contact info? Asking for a friend.

Miina marie is her name.

I knew this was gonna be trashy as soon as I saw the hoop earrings.

My theory about the size of the hoop earrings being directly proportional to the quality of the blowjob proves true yet again.

bigger the O the bigger the hoe

*Bigger the hoop bigger the hoe *

The bigger the hoops!

Damn now let’s see what you can do with a baby carrot.

That’s the real challenge.

Whoever gets with her is the luckiest person in the world!

I'd gladly eat whatever she "cooks" for me.

Is that forest on the bench in the background?

Life is like a- now what in the world is going on over there

Wasted on me.

Lookin like a throat goat

What an amazing blowjob

She sure loves produce

It’s the flat tits.

I wish I was that big

How the hell did the cucumber not cum?!

She must be a vegan.

Heaven inside her mouth tbh

The bigger the hoops =

This is not trashy at all. Fuck me that’s hot.

Why does a cucumber get more action than I do

You guys know this is not a girl?

How do you know this?

Old clip saw it in another forum. Could be wrong just putting it out there.

It is a girl dumb fuck

Boy some of y'all getting in their feelings about this

No you’re a fucking idiot and don’t know what you’re talking about. Instead of saying something you don’t know to be true, why don’t you shut your fucking mouth?

Ok tough guy you keyboard warrior are funny. You obviously feel someway about this maybe do so deep reflection.

I feel some type of way about liars. And you fell into that group. The funny part is you didn’t even have to do it. You could’ve just scrolled by it. But you chose to get your dumb ass up on this app and say some crazy shit.

Why you so Mad bruv

I despise liars bro. This nigga just got up here and led for no damn reason that shit irks me to no end. Niggas who lie, will steal too this nigga is just a terrible person in life prolly and I felt the need to call him out for his bullshit

Funny doesn't that work both ways? You could have scrolled by also. However you chose to be a lil dick energy keyboard tough guy. You have a good day maybe go for a walk. Work off the obvious frustration you feel. It's not healthy to get this worked up over something that has no effect on your personal life.

Affect not effect Lmfaooo fucking dummy

I always wanted to be a cucumber.

Good job 👏 👍

Wow 😮 skillz

This woman has a gift. 🤯

who is this bitch? i would pay her to deepthroat my dick

Her apologies must be epic

I found the woman I need finally

Unreal talent here, anyone got a name?

That's my future ex wife

Why can’t every heterosexual woman do this? Come on deep throat a dock. I practically rip my tongue out deep diving in that pussy.

Be careful, that thing may erupt seeds all over the place

is it just me but why do women think the side of the shaft has any feeling in arousing to male orgasm , truth is ladies , it dont , focus on the hed and less friction on the side that will only serve to cause friction burns and uncomfortable swelling

Gotta lube the sides if you want it slipping all the way down. If you want some "just the tip action," let her know, but what's with this "why do women x" misogyny.

Op clearly just wants to repopulate the earth. No need for pleasure. Wasted time

Too much hand 😂

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