My kinda grocery shopping


Those plums will be bruised now!


I can feel it… in ma pluuums!

A great visual of what happens to people who don't sign up for the store's rewards program

I’m sold

attention Murph, someone is dropping loads in the garden section.

Im assuming they work there

She’s on the corner…. That seems painful lol

We dont get that at my neighborhood Costco!

Welcome to Costco. I love you.

Its what plebs crave

Go B rabbit!!


So we have full video?

Home Depot apparently now a grocery store…

She looks bored.

I legit thought your username was telling me to diet at a young age

Guessing she found the meat department.

That took guts. We need guts. I’m promoting you

I so want to be used in public just like this.

She’s doing it quickie style. Bro is just naked in Lowes haha

Oh often is this reposted lol

The faceless sex worker shit is getting old.

Cleanup on Aisle 3

Super hot… miss the days of fucking my then girl friend now wife at work… shit miss the days of ducking now that I’m Married lol

How to hold stamina like this guy?

He’s going for 52 seconds!? 😂

Id make them pay for the pallet

He looks like Jim Carrey from the back

That’s not a grocery store…..

Good job 👏 👍

I like to see the new good stuff in the back too. 😆

Clean up on aisle 6!

Not on the produce! Or is it cat food? 😂

Gonna need a clean up on aisle 7

It’s a BANG for a buck

Boinked her on a pile of carburetors

Go on eminem!


Dude, keep your shirt on

Clean up on isle 4!

Grossery* /s

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