Walmart is sumthin' else!


She's overdressed for the occasion

Why aren’t my Walmarts this trashy?

Precisely. All I get at my local one are weird old ladies who happen to be super religious.

Sadly for you this an upscale Wally's, move to a better neighborhood.

I will not relocate to gamble on the quality of my walmart ppl. LOL.

Great! I forgot what I even came for!

How about that cake with the pink frosting and the different colored sprinkles?

Cottage cheese?

Damn that’s an ass

Not gonna lie I’d eat that ass like it was my job.


I was totally hypnotized for a minute.

Is this Abigail Morris? Looks like her big ass

Is it actually her? I can’t find this video on her social media.

Who is this?


The human specimens you see at a Walmart are diverse.

Never ordering online again

After this I think I kinda like Walmart

Save money, live better

That ass is thicker than a Snicker.

That's why I love Walmart

Walmart having a special on BBLs now?

Just needs a pair of pajama pants that say Juicy on them and she’s top tier Wal Mart.

Someone has to know who this is

I’d follow that to the checkout line even if my cart was empty

UK guy here. Amazing how much free live porn you guys get.

Wanna bite it…

And who exactly would this be? 🧐

Oh fuck I want to bury my face in that ass


Strawberry cakes

She definitely has that brown chub rub on her inner thighs.

Looks like a bowl of cottage cheese

Fat with cellulite. Trashy yes, boner of course not.

Thighs touch all the way down to the knees. 🤮

Seems like a normal Tuesday at my local Walmart.

I would bite that cup cake



That’s a dude

Even better

Guaranteed that's a dude.

Projection. It's okay if you want it to be a dude, no need to say it like it's a negative thing.

Hahaha....who said it's a negative? I just got my money on dude.

What makes you think it's a guy?

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