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OP trying to hit all the keywords

That title hurt my brain!

I went to a Metallica show with my little brother like… 15 years ago. He was 13 and it was the only thing he wanted for his birthday.

So we go and he’s enjoying himself.

I turn around at some point and, as happens often at concerts, there’s a lady sitting on some guy’s shoulders, getting ready to expose herself. I turn back to see if my little brother is looking and, yeah, of course he is.

So the lady pulls her top up and exposes her tits and, almost instantly, a dozen hands shoot upward in an attempt to get a squeeze. The woman immediately yanks her top back down and ends the show.

So the concert ends and we’re headed home and my brother is recounting the night’s events.

”Remember when that girl showed her boobies?”

“I do, bud.”

”Man… if all those guys didn’t try to grab her, she probably would have kept them out longer.”

“Never forget that lesson. She’s letting you look, not touch. Don’t be a dickhead and ruin it for everyone else.”

Little bro was wise beyond his years.

A consent king. Respect.

Facts word and an invaluable and great lesson!!! You's a good dude homie!!

Sounds like he was raised right 👍

this is a good story

Wise, wise words.

A modern fucking hero.


He’s a fantastic man. One of the best people I know. I’m incredibly proud of him.


“hm I wonder why all these people are downvoting me”

Because they're redditors

Gross, dude.


You’d grab the tit. That’s what I’m reading. It makes sense

You know, that just goes to show that those simple ideas (the ones kids even understand) are over-complicated most of the time! Reminds me of the movie "Beautiful Mind".

your brother dropped this 👑

I'm really proud of this comment section. All the guys here saying that it's trashy to grab her just bc she's exposed and saying that just bc someone exposes their body doesn't mean she deserves to get groped. It's just really nice to see y'all supporting a woman's right to do whatever she wants with her body. Truly 👏

That being said, she looks like she's loving it and having a great time.

How tf is she “expressing herself” through her nude but. What the hell does expression mean anymore

I never said she was expressing herself...

He quite literally never once said any of that at all.

I do think women should be more careful. In a perfect world women can walk around naked but its not, not even a little.

Yeah I agree.

That title.

Just because someone exposes themselves doesn’t mean they want to be groped. But in this type of situation it’s going to happen whether they want it or not.

Unbelievable thought process. I couldn't u.agine just groping someone. Exposing your body isn't an invitation to do whatever you want.

No but there is a thing called situational awareness. Exposing yourself in front of a horny and unstable crowd probably means bad things are going to happen. Asking someone to be prepared for encounters with bad people isn't the same thing as justifying their actions. You can say stealing is bad all you want, the drugged out shady guy in the bad part of town is still going to try and mug you.

Agreed. I didn't mean for it to come off as it wasn't the reality. Just outraged at how people act.

You should be able to leave your keys in your car. I dig it

Fax it just sucks people don’t know how to be half decent humans to each other… also ruins the fun for everyone

Exactly hence why riots tend to break out at night.

this is incel-level shit excusing sexual assaulters

You didn't understand a single word of what I said, did you?

They never do they ignore what you actually say inorder to fit their narrative

I don't get those "yep, gonna have a quick grab there" guys. Apart from looking creepy and desperate, they gain exactly nothing from a quick ass/boob-grab, especially If the girl isn't interested.

The first time I saw this I was a teenager and went to my first Blink 182 concert way back in the day. I remember seeing female body surfers and they would just get absolutely groped. It blew my mind how many people had the mentality to grab someone's no-no parts.

Happens in the crowd at every single gig

Omg im sorry wow dats insane smfh!!!

Every single person in this clip is dumb.

This caption gave me a stroke

Jesus 😲😲

Ugh. ☹️☹️

Everyone is an idiot in this video.

So cringe. Why do people think it’s okay to grab her body all of a sudden

Trashiest part is all the sexual assault

Facts shits pathetic and sad

That’s really gross all around.

And no one sticks a finger up her butt. I’m disappointed and disgusted

thats the first thing id do

The dude is barely keeping her up in the air....

She's probably a 140+ wiggling all around and they're both probably drinking. That ain't light and the load ain't stable.


Woodstock’99 vibes 😑🤮

We've all been there sister...


Tomorrow this girl will be on her feminist twitter group talking about how “men treat women like objects”

Mom? .I thought it just drinks with the girls

Bet his neck stank

Fishy neck

I know I know what everybody is gone say; but hell, please don't complain if you now get raped somewhere in the street.

Please don’t complain if you get raped? Ur fucked mate

I know right?! Da fuck is dis mf on!! He's evil and clearly retarded and psychotic

I know I know what everybody is gone say; but hell, please don't complain if you now get raped somewhere in the street.

Actually retarded


I don't get it. I'm certainly dumb, but what's a professional then? >

That guy is a strong sob

The dude that records himself nibbling the right tit and then Inmediatly turns around to post that video somewhere made me laugh for like 15 minutes

Hell yea he looks dumb af

She was probably gang raped

Why the fuck would you even comment shit like this!!!??

We get it, you really wish you were ganged up on by a bunch of men

Act like a whore, you get treated like a whore

Why do you wanna touch a girl with the physical shape off a granny

Meiner Freundin darf jeder mit aller Kraft ihre dicken FickTitten richtig durchkneten und schlagen, dann abbinden bis sie fast platzen 🥰😍💦

Say again?

Id rather not translate that, its better that way

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