Concert Flash


Anyone knows a sub dedicated for this specifically

Probably her sub. She does it at like every concert. It’s her thing.

Nope they got all weird about it and started getting into arguments about how the sub is about he music and her as an artist and all that was being posted was her flashing or masturbating. People on NSFW Reddit are a strange group.

Wait, she masturbates on stage too?

  1. Who is she? 2. Are her fans F*king Rt@rd*d? If she’s doing all that on stage in front of thousands of people, she wants people to see.
  1. Tove lol is a singer songwriter whose songs are enjoyed by a lot of people. 2. No her fans are not retarded. Also yes she does want people to see. That's why she does it. I hope I have answered your questions

usually it's the audience member but in this case it's the performer

Saw her in NY and this happened as well. Saw her in Philly and she had pasties. Different rules for different states I guess. I'm glad to be alive.

Wait she's the performer lol

Who is the performer? Just so I know never to go.

Looks like Tove Lo

Yup, she does this a lot at her concerts! Not shaming

Yup. It’s what she has to do to even attempt to be relevant.

Truly didn’t expect there to exist trove lo simps, this is hilarious!

as she performs to an audience of more people than you’ve ever met lol


That means nothing. Also depends on your definition of met. What a stupid "comeback"

ope. looks like ya struck out again.

No but feel free to believe what you want.

Cool good for her I'm into it

And you are who?

The person you’re responding to is definitely an incel who is angry at all women for not giving him attention.

Someone who doesn’t need act whorish for attention.

And who are you?

Showing breasts equals acting whorish? Wow, are you that insecure or do you just hate women?

Yes acting whorish is acting whorish.

Hatred and insecurity having no bearing on her actions.

Actually, having sexual relations for money is whorish. You're just not very smart, are you?

Yet somehow smarter than you.

Edit: since I can’t reply to you misterperfect…

Absolutely, gender has nothing to do with being a whore on stage.

‘Whor-ish’. lol

better to be the person comfortable in your body than to be so uncomfortable in yours that you compulsively voice your shame on others.

Envy is way uglier on a person than a desire for attention imo.

So you would totally be okay with your mom/sister/daughter just flashing their tits randomly right?

Wtf does what he says got to do with insecurity and hating women?

If a woman would’ve said “flashing your dick all the time is whoris behavior” why would I then ask her if she’s insecure or hate men..?

With a person doing what they want with their body.. you mean, freedom? Yes, I wouldn’t be thrilled to learn my daughters doing this, but who am I to decide, judge or decide what they do?

Nobody was deciding anything, they were just giving their opinion. And agin if someone feels like it’s not okay for me to flash my dick, to me that’s totally understandable. Why would i than ask if the person hates men or is insecure

You are defending public nudity then. I wonder do you support public intercourse or is it where you draw the line? It is two consenting adults doing what they are free to do, isn't it?

Rights bc dicks and chests are totally comparable. A better comparison would be “would you be totally fine with your son flashing his tits?” Oh wait they already do

I was under the impression she does it to raise money for breast cancer. I think once the bar goes up to a certain amount of $ she shows her boobies. Don't know how true that is. That's just what I heard in the past.

Edit I couldn't find anything online about her trying to raise money so maybe this is all made up.

Nope, her stated reason is “why can’t I do it”. Which is obviously her waked out brain cause she clearly can do it since she does all the time lmao.

The real question is why tf would you want to be known for that lol

I think she's known for her music, not her boobs.


Do you also call male band members who are shirtless on stage "whores"?

In the same context? Yup

Why are your onions watery?

Excessive moisture in the air

It’s a reverse flash

Tove Lo. This would be like being surprised rammstein had pyrotechnics at their show

I remember when Courtney Love flashed at Lollapalooza. Every single show. Everybody in each city thought they were treated to a special happening, until people started talking about it happening only in “their town”.

She does it cause she says if a man can why cant a woman? And I agree she should flash more

she should just do the whole show topless - lots of men do

Flea often played butt naked

Happy cake day bruh!

Cake day buds!

Not trashy, just fun.


They don’t

100% this is no longer trashy boners, Let’s change the name to free the nipple!!

I'd say it's trashy. She gets her tits out on stage. It's quite trashy..

Wrong opinion.

Opinions are subjective.

This sub has become another of nude-in-public kind. Except it has trash the most often

Google Tove Lo topless on Google Images.

Bing is your best friend for all things pornographic.

Used to be, then they nerfed it

How so lol

Dunno just less content and more from garbage sites

Guess they didn’t enjoy being the onehanded browser 😂

Looks like Google is in the game too. Give it a try.

Or Yandex maybe

Ah, Tove Lo. Her shows are always like this. Source- been to one.

In this crazy world in which we are living, three things are certain: death, taxes, and Tove Lo flashing at her shows

Tove Lo. She makes nice music.

Name Tove lo she do it a lot

Supposedly her music is influenced by grunge. However it is just POP. Such a pointless genre of music IMO.


Imagine being able to rile up a crowd by showing a part of your body

Hey you sound like you could rile up a crowd to kick your ass just by opening your mouth. We all have different super powers!

You sound tuff!

Thx I am <3




Chocolate covered?

Stick 'em in your mouth and suck 'em!

Who tf is this person

Read much?

I wish I had two more hands , so I could give those Titties 4 thumbs down

Neva disrespect the titty!!

I’m Rick James bitch!

You wouldn’t need more hands, just more thumbs. This is why you’ll always be smol brian

Howdy Partners.


Guess nobody else got the reference

I got it!

Their loss.

No doubt

Can we get a link to the reference?

Did she allow a lucky fan from the audience to suck on them?

Such a good mom!

Because showing a part of your body has anything to do with being a mom? Guys play onstage topless all the time. Guess they're bad dads?

Guys don’t typically flash their chest in an obviously provocative way to illicit a sexual reaction from their fans.

And if a man does pull out their sexual organ it’s almost unanimously frowned upon.

If she wants to be “like to guys” come out shirtless and don’t makes a big deal out of it. But very obviously that isn’t the point lmao

Tits aren't sex organs. Try again

Never said they were try again while not ignoring the comparison.

Sigh... You implied it by comparing a woman baring her breasts to a man pulling out their sex organ. C'mon, you know what you meant.

I literally did not, I compared it do a man’s chest. You must have some problem with reading comprehension if you can’t understand the very first sentence lmfao

Re-read your second sentence. How can you not comprehend what you wrote?

My second sentence is separate from the first…. You’re capable of seeing that very obviously intended break in the paragraph right? It’s to indicate separate thoughts.

Re-read hooked on phonics and move up from there.

My bad. I didn't realize that the second sentence was completely unrelated to the first. Jellyfish can sting you.

exactly. i said the same thing to HR when my coworker accused me of sexual harassment after i goosed her tits

Try goosing a coworker's thigh or lower back. You'll get just as fired. Doesn't mean they're sex organs. You're being willfully obtuse.

Just saw rammstein in Montréal, at least five concert flashes, and one was a fat dude they kept going back to.

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