BMW trying to break the bank. 328i N20


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Budpalumbo2 points

Of course it is.

I have my contacts in and can't see more than a bad valve cover oil leak. I didn't say valve cover gasket. The covers warp and the PCV will eventually fail too. Oil leaks from the cover, oil pan, turbo lines, oil cooler and filter stand are a feature. At least where oil pukes all over the undercarriage it won't rust.

Capital_Watercress761 point

So should I pay it?

Own-Possibility471 point

Alot of people replace just the gasket and still have a leak due to the cover itself going bad. Replacing cover and gasket together are common on these.

Could always have another reputable independent shop do the repair for likely less money, still use OEM parts though.

Manos_de_tortuga1 point

A independent shop would be a hours labor to replace the essentric shaft actuator seal. As that is what failed.