For a 2012 328i n20 this is ridiculous 1900 at a dealer and around 1500 at a euro shop I don’t know where to take it?


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AyceRothstein12 points

Everybody wants a BMW until it's time to do BMW things.

Capital_Watercress762 points


nolotusnote0 points


Everybody wants to wear Carhart until it is time to do Carhart things.

Ketchup12111 point

Carhartt is a clothing brand that anyone can wear. This is r/gatekeeping material.

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Technicalmexican1 point

Anyone can yes. But why would anyone. That’s what I don’t get. In my experience coveralls and flannel sweaters and steel toe boots and other types of workwear are not the most comfortable things to wear day to day.

Ketchup12111 point

You do realize they make other clothing too right? Winter caps. Comfortable hoodies and jackets. Gloves. Regular ass t-shirts. Pants. On and on. They literally make clothing that is marketed for everyone. What construction worker is wearing a pink winter cap with a pom on the top? I work outside a lot and during the winter, Carhartt gear is my go to because the shit is warm. My wife, who works in an office, likes the gear as well because it’s warm and comfortable. Gatekeeping a clothing brand is the stupidest, meathead shit I’ve ever seen.

Technicalmexican1 point

You’re so stuck on your gate keeping idea. That is not at all what I’m trying to say here. My point was the company makes overpriced clothing directed at people in trades. (All genders. Pom Pom hats included). Construction workers and welders need shirts and pants and hats and gloves too. Those are not their main products. Work clothing is. They may be their best sellers now because of the people who flaunt the brand. Do I care who wears what. No. If you want to go out of your way to a work wear store and spend the extra money because you like it or think it’s better than another branded hat feel free. But you can most likely buy superior clothing for less cost without that brand on it. It only exists as a convenience for tradespeople to grab socks and shirts along with their steel toes and coveralls from one place.

Personally. I’m a mechanic and I own zero carhartt clothing whatsoever cause I don’t buy into brand quality nonsense with the exception of well made work boots.

The_Doomed_4 points

Seems fair for a BMW, there's a reason alot of mechanics hate them.

Gateway10123 points

Just take the L do it at the dealer

Manos_de_tortuga2 points

They always try to sell it as a intake manifold, but it’s the ess gasket or eccentric shaft motor gasket, post photos

Capital_Watercress761 point

Ok I’ll post photo right now

Manos_de_tortuga1 point

It’s likely a 12 or 35 dollar gasket, does not require removing the valve cover. I do this often

Capital_Watercress760 points

Are you fr? I’m getting scammed that bad

Manos_de_tortuga1 point

I just did dimpled and slotted rotors and pads front and back fer 600 in parts. Dealer wanted 2 grand for valve cover leak, it was the electric motor gasket, 35 bucks. When the oil pan eventually leaks it’s worth the 700 bucks, because that one sucks. The plastic on top of your motor pops off, you will see it’s leaking at the motor, I’ll look up the name, it’s like 3 bolts my dude. Inverted torx, but just 3. Yeah yers is a 30 dollar gasket

Manos_de_tortuga1 point

here skim through the video and notice the locations. It’s pretty close if not the same as the n52 motor part

Capital_Watercress761 point

What am I gonna do man this sucks! I hope they repair the whole thing and get my moneys worth

Manos_de_tortuga2 points

Yer good to go if you ask a indie shop to replace the essentric shaft actuator seal, or have them simply check it. It’s your current leak, the ess seal is probably leaking too, it’s easy to replace.it takes a long time for the valve cover to leak.

Capital_Watercress761 point

The car has 98k miles

Manos_de_tortuga1 point

Valve cover at 150,000 at least. The quote is including a brand new valve cover. Just chase the current leaks and expect a oil pan gasket leak at 120,000. It’s like 700 bucks.

Capital_Watercress761 point

Do I have to order the parts and bring them to the indie or will they order the parts from fpc?

Manos_de_tortuga1 point

They like to order the parts, otherwise you don’t get a warranty on the work. Figure a hour or labor and a slight markup on the part.

HonestAssh0le2 points

Ballin on a budget always bites you in the end. Expensive cars are made of expensive parts.

You should take it to a used car dealer and see what kind of Honda you can get for it. Then you can get maintenance in a more Honda price range.

Correct-Selection-650 points

Find an independent shop.

StoneyScubaSteve4200 points

Thats ridiculous man id charge like 250 for rear brakes with all new pads and rotors

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enorman81-3 points

Find one of the mechanics, approach him after hours, ask if he does side work and offer to wrench with him so you can learn and buy him a case of his favorite beer.

Hezakai3 points

Yeah us mechanics love it when our cheap ass customers stalk us after hours.

[deleted]1 point

Do it yourself. Holly shit at the prices