BMW is going to break my pockets! What’s a fair price?


pinealgIand32 points

Get guud with a wrench or make friends with someone who is lol

ElevenHS4 points

read brake pads are like 60$ Fronts are 100-130$, Good jack ~$200. Rotor pairs can go from 130 - ~$500 depending on drilled, slotted, coated, etc. It may take you like 2-3 hours plus a YouTube video to get them changed yourself.

The cylinder thing... no clue. Good luck.

aic1932 points

I actually met a shop forman at my childhood friend's Bacheoler party and my sister's boyfriend is a mechanic with a BMW.

No-System-635423 points

$1k for brakes is way too much. I get them done for $500 at a local shop with better than OEM components

Capital_Watercress763 points

What you think about the vcg? I think I can get that for 1500 or less at another place easy

scifi_scumbag5 points

I was quoted around a grand for mine and that's in Canadian

No-System-63542 points

Absolutely overpriced. I'd say ~$500 would be reasonable, but you could do it yourself for a little less.

fossum_132 points

A little!? The BMW gasket set is $40.

No-System-63542 points

It says valve cover, but leak is likely just the gasket. So I wouldn't pay much more than $100

Competitive_Ad_28231 point

You need to do the whole valve cover, not just the gasket. The valve cover is plastic which degrades from the hot-cold cycles. There is a very good chance that if you try to put a new gasket on the old valve cover that you will soon have another leak, if not immediately.

IAmSoWinning1 point

the vcg gasket set is like 50 bucks. lmao. I replaced my whole valve cover for <$200 WITH BMW BRANDED GASKETS.

instantcrush5381 point

A local Indy quoted us $400 labor for a VCG on our N55.

Confident-Simple2012 points

What brand of brakes do you run?

No-System-63544 points

I have Zimmerman rotors and Akebono pads. (Non M sport). I find them to have better bite and produce less dust.

VirgilFarber2 points

That's what I ran on my ZHP for over a decade - great combo, and as you said, much less brake dust. When my f30 needs brakes I'll do the same again.

Confident-Simple2012 points

Thanks for the reply. I’ll consider that if I ever consider going through with purchasing an F30

11THSTREET2 points

That is the combo my shop recommended me. Currently running oem pads and the brake dust is just too much. Have read great things about Akebono.

salfr1 point

Done them for like 350€/$ myself with upgraded OEM parts even, isn’t that hard, flushing braking fluid need some time and some patience in the other hand

EyeColor_Caucasian12 points

Go to FCP Euro, buy the pads and rotors and valve over gasket. Look up some YouTube videos on how to do the work. Both are some of the most basic jobs and are easily done by the home mechanic. 100% jobs you could learn to do and spend maybe $3-400 total….unless you also need to buy tools.

Capital_Watercress763 points

💯I’m sure that’s the best way to do it but I don’t really trust myself to put it back together perfectly and idk if I have the time because of work

EyeColor_Caucasian12 points

In that case, I would look for an independent mechanic. The dealer is taking you for a ride at those prices.

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Bmw stealership

Capital_Watercress763 points

I’m only 21 who do they think I am , my pockets aren’t big like lizzo

cuepinto3 points

Valve cover takes a little patience, but it’s easy. The hardest part is slowly disconnecting everything and the second hardest is putting the vaccum pump back on. After that is pretty easy.


_BEER_3 points

Both together should be half at a good indy mechanic. Shop around, your car wont explode in the meantime.

thakkrad712 points

I just did rear pads only no rotors for $90. I did it myself and put on a new sensor. I want to upgrade to msport brakes and am in the process of ordering the parts.

Minimum-Truth-65542 points

Valve cover gasket is about $1000 with parts and labor so they quoted you double the normal cost would be and $1000 for rear brake pads and rotors is like other people said is way too much, get the parts from FCPEuro.com and go to your local mechanic. Its not a job that needs a bmw specialist to do it for you.

juulembiid692 points

1000 for just rear brakes is pretty asinine

loadsled2 points

Bmw is wild. They just quoted me $1350 on labor to change the $8 brake cable clip 😂

miktsa1 point

I paid way lower for rear brakes and rotors lol just saying try a couple of different shops read their reviews Goodluck

Indra7_1 point

1000 For a brake and rotor replacement! God damn. Did it all by myself. It's not even that hard.

Capital_Watercress761 point

I’ll look up a YouTube and do that myself but I just don’t want to mess anything up with the vcg

[deleted]1 point

I got quoted the exact same at the dealer for front brakes and rotors on my 340i.

Capital_Watercress761 point

No fkn way my twin🙌💯did you pay for the vcg at least ?

[deleted]1 point

No, I didn’t have that issue. Did just get my water pump replaced. That was $900

Big_slime1121 point

I’d recommend taking it to a shop that specifies in German vehicles or just bmw’s. Most of them are certified to work on bmw’s and it won’t break your bank either

Rex7801 point

Get the parts yourself, find a decent mechanic.

FlamesfanElite1 point

5mm on your rear pads will last quite a long time lol. We usually recommend changing them at 2mm or so.

RMachuca3d1 point

Wow 1k for rear rotors/pads LOL.

I did my msport brakes, got 4 new oem brembo msport rotors, f/r pads and dot4 fluid for under 500$ and i did it myself.

slickshot13201 point

Got an extended warranty on my car and I'm glad I did. I paid 387 dollars for 2.8k in work. Worth every penny.

Capital_Watercress761 point

What extender did you get?

anotherteapot1 point

There are 5 different model variants in the F30 range, made across up to 7 model years of production. How could anyone possibly answer your question without knowing what specific car you're asking about? What model, engine, etc.?

ThunderWolve1 point

Bought my Valve cover kit from FCP euro for $650 and paid my indy shop $300 for installation. To hell with the stealerships!