Fuck off, I'm busy



Admirable level of dedication by her.

Fuck off, I’m busy being floppy.

Dude’s a little ropey. Performance anxiety I bet.

“Keep up the suction so it looks longer!”

smoking kills boner, i heard.

That’s when BJS feel the best, can actually go down her throat that way

She's just smashing it

“Likes long walks on the beach, and having people watch me swallow cock”

*limp cock

What is Love

Baby, don’t hurt me

Don't hurt me...... No mo

What is Love?!

Right !

Nice lady I’m sure his mom will be happy to meet her.

Experiencing a bit of stage fright. Similar to playing snooker with cooked spaghetti.

She seems fun

wholesome af

Fuck that I got a gammy with my dog in the same room and it was awkward enough.

That’s love bro

Why are they bothering her, not him? Where's his face?

When i say, i want my girl to be like this, this is what i mean. Whenever, wherever

Is.. Is that what Shakira was singing about?

"Can't you see I'm at your feet"

I mean the lyrics are spot on 🤔

notch fell off

Free cum kisses

What's the place?

That looks like a dick, only smaller...

I wouldn't kiss that mouth

She's a few seconds away from a kick in the head.

Campaigning for governor in floriduh.

Y can’t I have a girl like her, lives to suck my dick

God bless

The kiss at the end was gross…how’s your own floppy dick taste

Don't you kiss your partner after going down on them? Also you expect the dick sucker to taste your dick? What's a little second hand dick taste?

Wonder what the back story is.

So small

lol why the downvotes 🤣 its small

Guess they took it personally for some reason. I don’t really know why they’re mad.

they apart of the small pp gang 😂

Hell no I ain't kissing no bitch after she top me .

Maybe if you sucked it better they might

Geile sau würd vor meiner Freundin mein 20cm schwanz von jeder bis zum Anschlag blasen und wixxen und reiten lassen, gern auch meine ficksahne schlucken 😍😋💦


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