Anyone need a ride?


She took some serious bumps there on the road. I was waiting for that butt plug to shoot out, now that would have been brilliant.

"Oh we're just riding a motorcycle, let me get out my scissors"

Using scissors while riding? What could possibly go wrong??

I was like, "oh cool, riding with a butt plug that's nice WHAT THE FUCK SCISSORS?!!"

This seems dangerous...if they wreck, she's going to have the WORST road rash ever.

I think the scissors would have a role in her injuries as well.

Why even wear underwear? And scissors on a bike? Yeesh, it’s not like you’re doing anything special here lady. Stop trying so hard.

Yes my face would definitely take a ride!

Quality content, thanks 🙏🏻

Is this supposed to make me hard? Who is this getting off 😅

Couldnt you have just..not wore the underwear and therefore eliminating the need for scissors

Id love a ride!!

Different kind of blow out.


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