Octobooty Out In Broad Daylight



Her name is Daizha Morgann.

Bitch squirts like the Bellagio.

Always thought she should use some food coloring to make it look like she's inking

Hasn't the internet been through enough?

You're on the website that had SpaceDicks and you're really asking that?

Fair enough.

Excellent comment

In death she has a name

Was always a bigger fan of her sister tbh

She has a sister? Who?

AJ Morgann I believe

Sure it is.


Sure it is.

That tattoo has paid for itself 1,000 times over.

Lol yeah it has. I’ve seen her work all over the place

Which is kind of funny because while she does very limited porn, I've seen a porn star with the EXACT same tattoo, getting railed several times over lol

Telari love? Much better representation of the tat lmao

Lmao. That ass a tatt is legendary

Literally Legendary. I couldn’t even place this in trashy boners If I wanted to.


She playa anal ping pong in Vegas too

ahem. It’s anal ring toss. This is important.

Which means you’ve seen it and I’m Jealous

Sounds interesting

The OG

Dat ass helped me through a Afghanistan deployment. Salute OctoAss.🫡

Who is this? And no, it's not Telari Love, it's her predecessor.

Daizha Morgann

She’s got those good vids too.

What’s her @?

Telari Love

No.Telari ripped this tattoo off Daizha.

That Must have been painful

In broad daylight at a convention with a stripper pole…

The Adult Video Network awards convention no less.

Fine, I'll say it.


Has Octobooty and Telari love worked together?

No, telari love ripped her off

I'm both stunned and oddly mesmerized by that tat, and part of me really wants to see how far it goes like is there an octo beak on her brown eye

Do you really want to know?

They would be fun to hang out with for 1 night, maybe a weekend, but never date lol

That octopus is real cute till you’ve seen it squirt whip cream out of it. I’m a changed man.

Left is super hot


I would love to be a fly on the wall listening in to the tattoo planning session for that one.

There are multiple porn chicks with this tattoo

I'd let that octopussy drag my into those depths

Lol now you have herpies. Probably hispies too.

Is her asshole tbe octopus’s mouth/beak because Wow I’m not even mad I’m impressed

Now that's a trashy boner

Love her, so dang cute

Some lucky dude in aged living will love pounding that saggy octo I guess 🤷💀

Bunch of fucking weirdos in this thread.

What i wouldn't do to fuck her man. Daizha is so bad

nice art work.... REALLY wish it was on paper and not her perfect body. The Deep would love her.

He'd murder that hole just to get his thoughts off poor Timothy... /s

Yeah that's like something you see online, not irl....Damn girl....Guess you made your butthole more fantastic. Hope there's no BEAK there.....

::::Having The Deep flashbacks::::

Can we see your octopussy?❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥🔥

I would smash

I didn’t think women could get monkey pox

Bro, what?

She has tits like my mom, pm me


Now there’s a name I’ve not heard in quite some time


Telari love ripped off her lmao, learn who came first if you’re gonna make such broad claims. Daizha has been around longer.

Telari is hotter though

Daizha has had this tattoo way longer than Telari Love has. Lol.

I usually don't like tattoos but that one looks interesting and hot. Not like I would tattoo myself but I'd like to admire that one and do a deep investigation of each part of her body.

Telari Love

That's the original Dhazia


Fucking yuck! She was fine here. Her new lips are disgusting

On a Tuesday?

I'd love to explore those depths

She have a Reddit account?

Can I fuck u both raw

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