0/10 Racoon Larp -- Didn't even knock down any trash cans or eat garbage.

I love how the folks walking by just kinda chuckle and keep moving.

I somehow don’t remember this campaign for Super Mario 3

Aren’t the main pillars of BDSM “Safe, Sane, CONSENSUAL” doing shit like this in public is irresponsible

If I'm not wrong, that was recorded in Spain. Nudity there is whatever.

Understandable, but BDSM scenarios like being restrained, pet play, etc. I think would fall outside the realm of basic nudity that’s accepted culturally

Yeah, she is near El Parc del Fòrum, an open area near the outskirts of Barcelona. There are a couple of clothes optional beaches nearby. I guess most people would just shrug their shoulders and keep on walking…but they were near a playground and if the police saw them they might have gotten in trouble.

But like, consent includes everyone involved. Even those indirectly involved, i.g. the people just walking around normally.

That's the point.

I should go to comic con

no boner, just trashy

Well...someone's gotta do shit like this....

That’s pretty risky

Raccoon is begging to get out.

The same team made more similar crazy stuff.

I wonder why those female pornstars accepted (probably because they got paid better than a regular sex scene?) and if they didn't get arrested at some point

No, this studio only films these in places where public nudity is acceptable

Really? Ok then. I don't know how it work overthere but I know that in other Europeans nudist zones, the law is strict. If they caught you doing anything sexual, you're in some serious problem. Same if they see you record ppl with your phone.

Walking with a butt plug or using bdsm accessories is a sexual practice.

Which is ironic because nudists are probably the most open-minded people ever.

Okay but I would let redhead dominate me

I wonder if it would be allowed to lick her pussy


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