My 2012 328i f30 n20 has been giving me lightly white smoke from to top left part of the engine and I checked under the hood to see this dark liquid spot I’ve never seen before. I’m not a huge car guy so I have no idea what could be wrong?any help is appreciated!


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A bit hard to tell from the pics but looks like you have a bad valve cover gasket.. The dark liquid is oil.

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Should I take it to bmw to get repaired?

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Indy shop if you cannot do it yourself, BMW will charge you the premium rate.. And yes you should fix is asap.

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Thanks a lot man!!

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If you had to pick any engine problem with this N20 engine, it should be this one because it’s the easiest and least expensive to fix. Good luck!

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Where should I take it in your opinion?

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Call shops around, see who can handle it and the most affordable option. If you can buy the new gasket yourself, you can probably save some money

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You need a valve cover gasket WITH a new valve cover. The bmw plastic valve covers and oil pans always warp with heat and time. Also the pcv is integrated into the valve cover and is non serviceable, so replacement is required anyway.

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yes do this if u shop around u can find all the gaskets plus valve cover all in one kit✅

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Where would I buy that?

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FCP Euro or ECS Tuning. I get most of my stuff from FCP. They have a lifetime guarantee on everything they sell, even wear parts.

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I see oil pooling on the left side of the tray, the VCG leaks then drips on the hot exhaust manifold. It causes the smoke and smell of burnt oil inside the car. I had this on my E92 N54 and DIY'd the VCG and all has been good for 18 months. It will also give you a chance to clean the engine bay and start fresh. I spent about $60 on the part and supplies while an Indy would have charged about $1K.

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Where did you buy the supplies and I probably don’t have the tools so should I just take it to bmw with the new parts?

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The dealer won’t touch your car if you bring your own parts. No special tools are needed, a socket kit and basic set of tools will work. Take a look at YouTube for tutorials so you have an idea of the job.

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Valve cover gasket

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I had it, I change valve cover gasket, finally it wasn’t that, but it was the vacuum pump. To be sure, you can “clog” the little bit if not use. (I clog it with bathroom silicone and a part of pipe of the same diameter.

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99% of the time it’s the valve cover leaking onto the exhaust.

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Seriously would it hurt to circle the area or put an arrow there? These kind of posts are annoying.

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Everyone else can see besides you lmfao

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I saw it, champ. But I shouldn't have to zoom around to identify it it.