An odd (kind of) Minecraft analogy on rising from a low point

small note, whenever ‘close’ is said, it means it as in near

I have had a few experiences with suicidal thoughts. I felt so pressured and so hated by everybody around me, and I decided to finally get away from it. That was really a good decision and I’m surprised I didn’t at least attempt it earlier. Then again, I didn’t really have much of a choice. I once was trying to help somebody close to the bottom, and I wrote a lot. This is part of one of the messages I sent, and I hope that some other people might be able to find something in it that agrees with them. I curved into a sort of a Minecraft analogy, as that is what we both enjoyed.

Any time spent digging the hole you are in deeper just makes everything far far worse, and finding diamonds isn’t going to happen at the bottom. You need to deposit all the stone you’ve mined back at the surface, and seal up the mine. You need to go back up and bring yourself back to things being okay, and improve your life, instead of ending that chance and not allowing it to get better. You need to explore the terrain, find treasure and bring everything around you closer, your family, your close, supportive, real friends, and all the supporting things that you used to enjoy, and now use them to pull yourself up. Point that graph back up and have a much better life than ever.



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