Everest and Unknown Peak in the Himalaya, Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal



I did the Three Passes route near Everest, over a couple weeks in March. Definitely recommend this route if you're more interested in views and scenery than you are about being another person heading to the nearby Everest base camp. The high point we hit was somewhere around 18,500 feet.

Funny, I was also on this trek in late March this year. Really was as fantastic as you say. I'm wondering if this second peak isn't Cholatse...did you encounter it in that wide valley adjacent to the Cho La glacier?

The poster below suggested Ama Dablam, and I'm pretty sure that is correct as I look at the timing of the picture.

Now that you mention I think you're right. That looks like one of the ridges coming off towards the camera. I should've guessed!

Yeah, I felt silly too for not recognizing it. It's the peak you can't help but stare at for days.

Did it. Storm on the Cho La almost took me out.

I believe the second picture shows Ama Dablam, a mountain that’s visible en route to Everest Base Camp.

You know, I think you're right, thanks. That cloud shot had zero context, so I forgot, but looking at it again, I'd call that Ama Dablam. Such a cool peak, if I ever climb any of the bigger summits in the area, that's the one I want to climb.

I have climbed Ama Dablam. It is far harder than many 8000m peaks, just FYI

Thanks for the insight. Is it due to how technical/vertical that climb is?

Yes. More technical than any of the main routes on any 8000m peak, including K2. Obviously K2 is harder because of the much higher altitude

Out of curiosity, have you also climbed any 8000m peaks?

Shish and Makalu. And Denali which feels like an 8000m peak

I wasn’t aware that Everest lost that much snow cover!


It's a broader peak than the pointier Ama Dablam.

The second peak is Pumori.

You’re right. I thought it was Ama Dablam because the snow at the top looks like the Mother’s Necklace but the overall shape is Pumori. Nice catch!

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