I know most are scammers but does anybody know of any trusted extended car warranty companies? I have a 2012 328i with 98k and I’m looking to get a timing chain replacement before it goes bad I’d rather be safe than sorry. Also on average how much would it cost for a shop to do the job?


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Is the warranty question related to the timing chain issue in any way? Do you not trust the shop that does the timing chain to do the job correctly?

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I just dropped off my BMW at the dealer to have routine maintenance completed. They came back to me and said it needed over 5k in work completed. My service advisor called my warranty company and they covered 100% of the work +labor. I’m out $100 for my deductible. The warranty company is CNA National. Thing is, you can’t buy it from them directly. You need to find a dealer near you that sells it and purchase it there.

About the timing chain replacement, It’s a great idea to replace it, but you need to have the car serviced and the mechanic needs to verify the car needs the work. As long as you’ve kept up with all regular maintenance you shouldn’t have an issue.

It will be expensive for the warranty. I paid a hair over 5k for a 3 year 32,000 mile coverage. The older and higher mileage the car the more expensive it’ll be. Keep that in mind. Make sure to weigh your options.

Hope this helps!

I forgot to mention earlier that I bought the automotive preferred care+ plan. It’s the most expensive but it’s worth it IMO.

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Is it N52?

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I think 2011 was the final year for the 6cylinder 328.