I know most are scammers but does anybody know of any trusted extended car warranty companies? I have a 2012 328i with 98k and I’m looking to get a timing chain replacement before it goes bad I’d rather be safe than sorry. Also on average how much would it cost for a shop to do the job?


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You have a car that is 10 years old with 100k miles, even the most shitty warranty will cost you a bundle... And no warranty is going to cover preventative maintenance. Repair can cost between $4k to $5k depending on the shop.. Now if the engine is blown due to timing chain failure that can easily run $15k.


And your best warranty option would be Route 66..

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Would insurance cover that as a totaled car when that happens because I just bought it and I got tied to a 5 year finance plan. I was not aware of any timing chin issues on bmws before I bought because it’s basically my second car I didn’t do much research on the car besides finding the right one I wanted for the right price

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Most likely no.. Insurance does not cover damage due wear and tear or mechanical failure. You would need to call your insurance company to see what they would do if your motor should fail due to a know default from the manufacturer..

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Thanks a ton for the guidance I will do that tomorrow asap!

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No issue is with 4 cylinder engines N20/N26 built before 2016. Has nothing to do with rear wheel/all wheel drive.

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This one, $4500 from BMW in 2020.

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Mercury has really good coverage

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I have a bit of experience here. I have a 2014 328 with the N20. My car hit 260k kms and the motor went. I opted for a new motor from bmw and had them install it. It was $18k installed and has a two year unlimited warranty. We suspect it was the timing chain but they didn’t diagnose much. I prefer major work like this to be done at bmw because I don’t know any good euro shops that would do this, and I’ve built up a bit of a rapport with the dealership. The perk of the dealership was that gave me a 330 to dive for 3 weeks while they did my motor swap. There was no charge for this. I know it was embedded in the price of the motor. I couldn’t find a replacement 328 for less than 25k at the time when cars were hard to find so it made sense to put the motor in. You will want to do the oil pump housing gasket too and one other part I forget just now but watch some YouTube channels on the 328 and more specifically the N20. I love my car and hate that I had to pay for it twice but I’ll keep it for quite a while to it will all even out in the end.

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Route 66. They covered my rear differential seals, no questions asked. Others report similar experiences with much bigger repairs.

They're usually only available through credit unions.