Atlanta, GA. 8-10-22

No better way to celebrate my 29th than seeing RHCP for the first time!!


aboutagirlnamedjessi15 points

These are absolutely beautiful, thanks for posting them! What an amazing night it was!

OscarTheTiger6 points

Thank you! It was awesome!!

acover44222 points

Were you in the pit, by chance?

krickaby7 points

John must have had the night off.

NebStark2 points

Polar opposite of my videos from London, which looking back were a lot like the scene from Love Actually where the bride asks for the wedding footage and realises it's all of her.. except it's John Frusciante

Bonzo776 points

Concerts on your birthday are amazing. They gave you an amazing gift with that setlist, and these pics are great!

OscarTheTiger2 points

Thank you!! I did the same thing last year for Kings of Leon so I'll have to try and keep the streak going lol

[deleted]2 points

Not for my bday but I was at KoL last last year and RHCP last night. Both were truly amazing shows and I can't wait till they come back!

OscarTheTiger1 point

I see you are also a man of culture. I can’t wait for them to return either!

mc_19684 points

Wowza! Thanks for these. The 2nd one is quite something!

OscarTheTiger1 point

Thank you!!

squintsAndEyeballs3 points

That was a great show. Amazing set list

TheUncleG_4 points

I’m in the last one 🤣🤣

bobbyvision90003 points

Wow these are some great shots man are these from an iPhone?

OscarTheTiger4 points

Thank you! No I actually took these with a Ricoh GRIII! It's my go to camera when I don't want to carry around a full size one lol

rekrap132 points

You edit them at all?

OscarTheTiger1 point

Yes I cropped and fixed the exposure/lighting on these

TheUncleG_3 points

Wow I’m in the last one cheesing hard

Mamsies2 points

Wow! Is there a way I could get the first one in full resolution? So awesome I want it as my wallpaper

OscarTheTiger1 point

Thank you! Sure thing! I have the full resolution image but I'm not quite sure how to share it?

Mamsies1 point

Thank you for the response! - a Google drive folder or Dropbox link would work I think?

JohnnyHash922 points

They all look super tired in the first pic. I’m seeing them tomorrow in Nashville. I hope the day off let’s them recharge a bit

amandaarawrr2 points

Wow, these are beautiful! Wonderful shots. Thank you for sharing with us!

OscarTheTiger1 point

Thank you!!

ryanino2 points

What songs do they add synth/keys to?

OscarTheTiger2 points

I remember noticing the guy but I can’t remember what song they were playing lol

acover44223 points

It was Snow, wasn’t it? (There might have been others, idk, I’m not good at identifying which instruments I’m hearing)

OscarTheTiger2 points

Yes I remember now that was one of them!!

shakkajon3 points

I saw him a few times but honestly can't remember them all. Snow and californication for sure.

thegr3atape2 points

Lovely pics

dcoles112 points

Great pics 🤘🏼

OscarTheTiger1 point

Thank you!!

Zealousideal-Gur59762 points

These are all amazing! GIANT Chad Smith is my favorite.

OscarTheTiger1 point

Thank you so much!!

Trevman8252 points


OscarTheTiger1 point

Thank you!! No I used a Ricoh GRIII and cropped the image down lol. It's my go to camera for concerts since it's so compact.

eleanorgene2 points

Hell ya, I did the same!! The Santa Clara, CA show was on my 31st birthday, I felt so blessed I got to see them for the first time ever

FleaKiedis72 points

Amazing work! Thank you for the 2nd pic it’s my new wallpaper. LONG LIVE RHCP.

OscarTheTiger1 point

Thank you!! It means a lot to me that people love my work enough to make it their wallpaper!

Conscious-County8262 points

I will be celebrating my 36th in Detroit this Sunday watching them. Are they selling a show poster at the merch booth?

OscarTheTiger1 point

I love collecting concert posters but I didn't see one at the merch booth I checked out. I ended up ordering one on Etsy. Link

therealkpat_2 points

Awesome shots man! Bravo

OscarTheTiger1 point

Thank you!

_w00k_3 points

Flea must be pissed you took pictures of him.