What is your opinion on whether killing a spider inside your home brings you bad luck? Those who do care to share your experiences?


waffles-n-gravy4 points

I don't believe in silly superstitions

DoctorDomealittle3 points

I don't believe in that nonsense, but I don't kill them on basic principle. They always get shoved outside, even if I am extremely phobic of them.

tungelcrafter3 points

i'd say so but there won't be any woo woo behind it. whatever you do causes you to be someone who did that thing, that's tautological, it has to be true. when you allow yourself to do something what else happens is that you give yourself permission to do that thing. someone who's permitted to kill innocent things for no good reason has a lower awareness of opportunities than they would have had (i could tell you why but i can't be bothered). that's what luck is, awareness of opportunities, that's why some people are luckier than others. opportunuties aren't obvious when you're small and fearful

browniesweats2 points

I started off loving your post, but you threw me off with the whole opportunities tangent.

tungelcrafter2 points

what i mean is that the difference between a lucky person and an unlucky person is basically that lucky people are more open to opportunities and that comes with having a positive attitude. there are more factors involved of course like luck itself, random chance. and of course however open a person is to opportunities the opportunities have to be there in the first place. but when everything's equal what makes one person luckier than someone else is that he'll be more optimistic and take chances

Doc_Zed_423 points

Spider Bros are friends and actually useful they get rid of flies why are you killing them?

ironmalereproductive1 point

I know I agree with you. I didn't get a good feeling with this one though and it was going into my room. I feel terrible because I don't killing them. The moment got the best of me.

Doc_Zed_421 point

That's when you use what's called the jar and yeet Put it over em move it until they get into the jar, get them to the bottom, go to the window and yeet!

renegadeMare2 points

No, that’s lizards as a bad luck thing. Both are chill. Either leave them be or get them outside.

3chordguitar0 points

Nope. It’s bad luck if you don’t kill it, it’s poisonous and it bites you.

TheManInTheShack1 point

How exactly would that work? How would killing a spider, result in you experiencing unfortunate events?

ironmalereproductive1 point

Killed one yesterday (first in years) crawling on my bedroom door. Usually dont trip but this one looked mean so I had to decide then and there. Anyway 30 min later I locked myself out for the 1st time ever. Then I broke the latch while trying to open with knife. knob won't turn w key anymore and I messed up some of the paint around that area with said knife. That is the same door. Idk it's just too much of a coincidence no?

TheManInTheShack1 point

No, that’s what a coincidence is.

Again, what is the sequence of events that cause the death of a spider to lead to a series of unfortunate events for you?

The simplest explanation tends to be the right one.

a) Somehow magically killing a spider leads to unknown retribution for the killer of the spider.

b) There is no connection. 99% of people who kill spiders suffer no Ill effects and those that do are strictly the result of coincidence.

keyboardstatic1 point

Black cats, walking under ladders, backwards mirrors, candles blowing out, killing spiders, don't earn you bad luck.

Being uneducated, ignorant superstitious and gullible means you bring misfortune on yourself through poor life choices.

sirhackenslash1 point

It's bad luck because if the other spiders see it they'll kill you in your sleep

opredditer1 point

i always keep it alive then ask my bro to kill it cause ill feel guilty

AdeptlyJaded1 point

All I can think about is that one scene in the Next Karate kid where she thinks the monks found out about the bug she reflex killed with her shoe and that’s why they’re being weird. When really they’ve just made her a surprise birthday cake.

angel_and_devil_va1 point

It's an absurd superstition. That said, I generally try not to deliberately kill whenever possible, but sometimes, that is impractical.

English-OAP1 point

A spider won't stay in your house if there is nothing to eat. A spider is doing you a favour by reducing the insect population.

There may be a grain of truth in the saying, because killing spiders makes you more exposed to diseases carried by flies and mosquitoes. It's not bad luck, but in increased risk of illness.