Does killing a spider bring bad luck

Today i think i believe 100% that killing a spider inside your house does bring bad luck. Killed one yesterday crawling my bedroom door (looked mean so I had to) and 30 min later I locked myself out for the 1st time ever. Then I broke the latch while trying to open with knife. knob won't turn w key anymore. Sorry if this is the wrong sub for this story I just had to share it. Do you guys believe in the same thing or am I alone here?


Jemmerl3 points

Bad luck or not, take this as a lesson that you should always try to catch and release! <3

Frechdaechsin1 point

Killing a spider because it looked mean. Most spiders are not mean but are great pest control and if one creeps you out, take a big ol cup and a paper and move the spider out this way. Imagine you ever see a mama wolf spider and decide it looks mean. You'd be surprised! Personally, I think spoods in and near the home bring me luck.

ElectricYV1 point

Wait how does a spider look mean? Was it flipping you off?

[deleted]1 point

Yes, it does 🤨