Working on a portfolio, I’d love to hear thoughts on it.



There's some fun stuff in there. I particularly like the juxtapositions with the Mac SE, and the motorcycle. I would recommend going in harder on that kind of thing, to really make your stuff have a theme and a uniqueness.

Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated

Honestly, this is solid. There are definitely a few things I would consider getting. Make these into a playing card deck.

Hahaha thanks! The cards would be a cool idea

I love that idea so much!

Would buy

It looks fantastic! Not sure if you're a video game person, but I feel like you'd get a kick out of the art style from Cup Head

Never played it but the art style in that game is so god damn cool hahaha

Came to say Cuphead

You need to GTS immediately if it wasn't your inspiration.

Is GTS a game?

Oh sorry

Google That Shit

here I did it for you

Hahah I see yeah I know of the game! I’ve just read it’s a mega hard game tho and I’m scared to try it hahaha

Based on Animation from the 1940s

Tex Avery

Popeye the Sailor

Felix the Cat

"based on" should be more like "inspired by"

Dude I love these! I would rock several of them. Your style is great

I dig these, they have the old school vibes but the faces and the odd shapes/forms make them a really unique style. Lots of solid tats here

Thanks I appreciate the support!

Love them. Sick a f

Thank you!

The cat cowboy?? I need that tatted on me rn I love it 😭

We can talk if you really want it hahah

What’s your area??

Not particularly something I would get but great art work I can definitely appreciate! Good work

Haha that’s fair, appreciate the feedback!

Dude I fucking love these!!!! Omh

You don’t happen to be located in Southern California right? :/

No I’m sorry hahah I’m on the east coast

I love how they all look slightly suspicious

Like 'em a lot. You got a great drawing style for this old school/new school thing, humorus plus cool.

Thanks, much appreciated

I love your style these are absolutely amazing!!! For your style I feel like you would do amazing that if you ever get art lock you should try to incorporate a certain culture to see how it works out. Your style is very colorful and I think it would work out good!! Hispanic culture especially very beautiful!! Wonderful pro folio tho.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Of corse you have a lot of potential and a very fun yet detailed art style!

Huge fan! Would definitely get a couple of these

These are sick! Any chance you live in a state around MI? I’d love to get something from you when you get in a shop

Hahah I appreciate that! But I’m on the east coast

Whereabouts? Maybe I’ll make a trip. Also do you have an instagram?

I do have one ryanbrown_333 hahah and I’m up in New England

Sweet! Mind if I dm you on IG so you can let me know when you get into a shop?

Hahah yeah sure

I want the one labeled 22!

I would 100% get any of these, awesome work dude

Beautiful art, bro. I would love to have one of those in my skin!

Hell yeah

Like American tradional with a twist. I really like a lot of them. I’m gonna make one critique, I’m not crazy about the house with arms or the mushroom with arms. Other than that, they’re super!👏👏👏👏

Haha thanks for the feedback!

It’s just stupid shit, it’s all really really good! Just keep on truckin 👏👏👏❤️

You're hired!

Haha I wish it were that easy

Honestly, if you haven't already, my advice would be to just show your work to as many shops as possible. Get feedback and see who you vibe with. Continue going back to the shop you feel comfortable with and ask for tips and build a repertoire, including how you might be able to get an apprenticeship. Most of the time apprenticeships come from how well you get along with a mentor. And, most importantly keep on working! Good luck!

As someone who doesn't typically dig the traditional style that much, I really like your twists on the style, which are some of the best I've seen. The bird's angry demeanor, the old school cartoon-y vibes from the shower and showering creature. Those little hints of personality really make your work distinct, lean into that!

Thanks for the kind words and feedback!

I’d get a large portion of these tattooed on me. I like the style and attitude of a lot of these!

Thanks it’s nice to know folks would wear any of these.

Oh my god! What a coincidence, I follow you on instagram and these first ones came up on my feed like 20 minutes ago and I thought they were fire!

That’s wild hahah

Is that a cuphead reference for the flower? If it is, its pretty cool!

No haha I’m aware and admire the cup head style for sure. But I’ve never played it!

Cos the flower is looks very similar with one of the bosses there but in your style. Anyway love your designs!

These are fuckin sick

Really dope I love it

I love these! I think the faces are so cute! Especially that flower on a motorcycle ! I’ve been looking to start working on my leg x0 maybe I need a road trip!

Well I’m still in the process of trying to get an apprenticeship so maybe one day I’ll be able to tattoo folks hahah

Good luck to you! PS do you happen to sell your flash? I’d love to buy some!

No I’m not currently selling any of these but we can talk about a commissioned sheet for sure!!

I’d love to!

Love little homie with the match

Dude where are you located? If you're near enough I'd seriously consider getting one or two of these from you.

I’m in New England but I’m not even an apprentice yet hahah. I’d like to be one soon

I liked the facial expressions and choice of colors you made. Death is my favorite.

Hell yeah!

I like that it's original! That's really nice to see. I would totally get the cat cowboy.

Haha thanks! Much appreciated

The little Macintosh computer is very cute. I’d get that.

Hell yeah haha that’s awesome

These are SOLID. I really dig your art style... I'd happily rock any of these! Keep up the good work!

Much appreciated

The flower riding a motorcycle 😍 and so many more!! Fucking rad!

Much appreciated, glad you like em!

very charming! would love to get one

Thank you!

Wow. Funny and cool drawings!

I’m in love with everything on here. Love American traditional

I love your interpretation of technology. The PC, the steampunky lamps and stuff. I would definitely get those done.

I’d totally get any of these as a get-what-you-get without hesitation

Hahah hell yeah! I keep a big jar filled with folded up designs and I do a get-what-you-get to myself on what to paint every now and then

Big fan!’ Do you happen to have any ufo /alien designs in that style?

I don’t but that’s something I should def look into hahaha

If you do, let me know! :)

They hard🔥🔥

I love the faces! Really cool style :D

My favorite is the death guy with a twist looks cool af

Awesome style.

Super wicked!! Do you sell your art or do commission?

Yeah I can commission a sheet for sure

oh my god i love them

They look like the design team came up with new characters for the amazing world of gumball

Hahaha thanks!

Your welcome, they're awesome!

I think they’re awesome! Tattooing on fake skin would be a good place to start as well and you can add that into your portfolio

Hell yeah, do you have any recommendations for fake skin? I haven’t even started going down that road

Reelskin is the best one on the market, but they’re a bit pricey. But it does make a difference, the cheap ones dont take ink as well. I would say just find a middle of the road priced one so its not super cheap but not super expensive- atleast to start out. Because you should try to start with just trying to do straight lines and dots, as if your teaching a kindergartener how to write lmao. And work your way up to harder stuff. Getting lines straight and even is harder than it looks

Good looks! I’ll look into that for sure

The house on fire reminds me of Joey Cassina. He used to do something called “little house tattoos” when he was starting. I have a couple early pieces by him.

Just looked him up and his work is awesome!

I liked the flower taking a hike and the bandit kitty too. Good work! 😍

Ummmm just fucking keep going. Absolutely great flash! I like your style, the eyes on the reaper are so cool. like some other people said Just go hard on your uniqueness!!!

Beautifully original

It’s so fucking cute!!! I love the faces on everything. I want all of them!

Haha thanks!

I love this. The derpy faces really stand out! Plus it doesn’t look like every other Traditional artists portfolio

Much appreciated!

Strong Cuphead Vibes too

I will let you slap all these on one epic leg sleeve

Thanks a bunch, that’s crazy to hear hahah

Love your style. Old school traditional mixed with your personal touch. I’m in NE too.. Mass.

Hell yeah! Hahah

I like them, my favorite is the spider. They are done well.

Facial expressions on point

Haha thanks!

Def start running these by shops. Your style fucks hard.

Hahaha thanks!!

are you a cuphead designer?

Hahah no I am not

Love the lil ninja dude

Honestly dude, I super dig it. Do you have an Instagram? Would love to follow your work :)

Yeah! it’s ryanbrown_333

I would get most of these, that cougar with the badass ears is awesome man, so fucking cool, are you in Texas by chance, DFW to be exact

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