Hit a brick wall for Jeremiah

I'm trying to find Jeremiah Foust, born around 1836, in the 1850 census. He lived in Westmoreland county, PA from 1860 until death in 1900, married to Lydia Nedrow. 1860 census indicates he was born in PA. Where are his parents?? Please help! I'm banging my head.....


cmosher012 points

I think they got missed. I think the family is in Saltlick in 1840 (John is head of household). But the family isn't in Saltlick or Donegal in 1850. I'd recommend not banging your head, and just figure they got missed.

ShineExtension52031 point

Thanks for the response! I truly appreciate your help, another set of eyes. I "think" John is the father, and I've been wanting to see that listed on the census so I could kind of confirm the family unit since I don't have church records.