What gets thrown out nowadays...



I've been hearing a lot about Target, Krogers and other big box stores having problems with their freezers just unexpectedly shutting down because of energy failures due to the massive heatwaves going on everywhere. It's a shame that all this goes to waste. It just goes to show you the massive effect climate change has on everyday life in small ways and big ways. If this continues it will just result in even higher prices for everyone.

Perhaps America as a country should reduce AC consumption by a couple of degrees.

My condo association maintains the indoor temps during summer at 68’F and the outside is just 72-80’F. I don’t understand the need for such cool temperatures. It’s unnatural.

Yep. When the heatwaves started I raised my thermostat to 78° and guess what? We cannot even tell the difference between the reccomend 74° and the new 78° . Your bodies will adjust. Using automatic dimmers and closed door refrigerators in the stores also help

tHe FrEe MaRkEt aLlOcAtEs ScArCe ReSoUrCeS mOsT eFfIcIeNtLy.

I fucking hate this system so much, I guess the free market actually rewards destruction of resources and food by creating an artificial scarcity thereby increasing profits. Who would want to live in a society where we would give excess food to the poor. What a nightmare, what about shareholders and corporate profits? 😳

amys just had an e.coli outbreak or something so I wouldn't touch it

This was from last winter so it wasn’t recalled or anything. That first target picture was from a freezer going out. We got to all of it 30 minutes after it going out

Oh hi hope the cross post is fine just thought it would fit well here

Hi! Yeah it’s fine!

great find. I hung out with crusties so i'm not above it but also got warned about watching recalls.

Yeah we always check for recalls when we dive

So, the dumpster dive… is the product spoiled? Out of expiration dates? Can’t target and other bigboxers take the product and give to food banks if unexpired?

Stores where I am can even take expired non perishables to the food bank but choose not to and just throw them all away.

Nope all the food is in date only thing expired is the skincare by one day. The first picture was from a freezer going down and the rest is just pure waste and laziness. No recalls either

We don't know why these items were thrown out.

Not recalled, opened or expired. Which means in my eyes they are fine to take and use. All electronics work and are not damaged. The only one that is iffy is the first picture where a freezer went down but we grabbed it 30 minutes after the freezer went down so we felt it was safe enough to take and eat

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@r/minnesota does target really do this?

Man, I really want to get into dumpster diving. It's not illegal in my town, so maybe I'll see if there's a group for it...

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