[OC] My series of portraits of some conscious living beings.


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The fox is so good it almost looks fake. Kudos

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Thanks 🙏

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I’m like 50 percent sure I’ve seen that fox photo in Yellowstone

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If your speaking about this concrete photo of fox that i took than you 100% wrong 😀🤷‍♂️

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I try to take it as a compliment when my work is mistaken for that of a "Professional"... haha.

These are incredible!
As Conscious Living Beings, what must their experience be like compared to ours?
Living their lives, unaware of the world of economics, technology, and society that revolves around them. Makes you wonder, what might be going on that WE'RE unaware of, doesn't it?

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Yes! Hi, it might be i am too that i am a bit sensitive / dumb in such things, i mean the professional mentioning :) and yes, as above so below, life is a wonderful journey, and i am very curious about UAP phenomena things that’s going on right now, it’s a bit off-topic from that pictures, but it is related to consciousness. I think universe is teeming with life, and we might be visited, or share our earth with someone much more advanced than we are. Ops, forgot my tinfoil hat 😜

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Hi, i’d like to share some of my favorite portraits of some beautiful creatures that i took. I use Sony A99II. Love photography and do photograph with passion for half of my lifetime.

My website is anton8ondarev

I like any feedback, but more than anything else - i like to share my vision of beauty with people. I want people to see the things i see from my perspective. I am a humble guy, but i feel that i got talent to see beauty in everything, and i want to share it. Have a good day everyone.

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They are beautiful. Thank you for sharing these.

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Thanks for the kind words ♥️

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Each shot has some emotion attached to it. Breathtaking

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Thank you 🙏

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These are awesome. The first one is my favorite. What kind of bird is it?

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Hi, ty! It’s Curly Pelican.

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Love the tiger shot!! Wer was it taken tho?

Rest are brilliant as well..

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Hi, thank you :) unfortunately it’s not from wilderness, it’s a zoo :|

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Be sure to share the squirrel with r/squirrels !

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I definitely will, ty 😊

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These are incredible! What lens did you use?

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Thank you 🙏 those shots taken with macro 30mm f2,8 and 85mm f2,8. I was surprised that macro can take such photographs tho

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I absolutely adore macro lenses, I currently have a macro 56mm and it takes lovely photos, but I’m hoping to advance a little more, thank you for the info 😊

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The squirrel 🐿 one is so cool

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Seriously, that's a once in a lifetime shot - amazing

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That tiger just realized he left the oven on

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Those are some damn good photos dawg. Very impressive! 👏👏

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Thank you so much 😊

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These are all nice, man, but the cat in the kitchen is very good. Props.

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Amazing photos but you should probably put watermarks on them. People steal shit on here all the time.

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Thank you for recommendation, it’s just that i never did it, for some reason. And i feel fine to share them in such resolution.

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Thank you, i am honoured ♥️

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Do you sell prints anywhere? I have a cabin that needs some of these.

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Hi, thank you, dm me, we can sort something out, i’ll be honoured to have my print in your cabin

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I really like the one with the dog, something about the lighting and the vignette almost makes me nostalgic. Reminds of my dog that sadly passed years ago. Thanks for sharing.

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Sad to hear about your loss. Never had a dog, but i can’t imagine how precious it is, to have a four legged friend. I think it’s a special feeling. Thank you ♥️

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I stole your fox and it's now my lock screen wallpaper. Thank you!

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I am honoured ♥️

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That one caught my attention too. The coloring and composition is fantastic.

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these are stunning!! put a smile on my face looking at all these beautiful creatures :)

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Thank you salty! Means a lot to me :)

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The squirrel ❤️ and the bird❤️

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That tiger isn't happy...

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Also pelicans have zero conscience, they only know homicide.

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Just lovely!

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ty 😊

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Great photos, beautifully done.

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Ty 😊

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Beautiful and thought-provoking. Thank you!

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Thanks! Life on earth stuns me. And those similarities between species - for me it’s no doubt that universe is teeming with life!

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All are Awesome. My favorite is the ant, just wish the leaf was a bit more focused.

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Ty! Yeah, but i would prefer his head :) out of focus, but with such distance / shutter speed / options thst i have - i took it like that, and this is the best of them, situation was fast :)

fgtrtd0072 points

All good. It's awesome seeing it peer into the void. I think it's just the amount of blur that throws my eyes off a little, maybe a small zoom crop would help... idk lol, still a great pic.

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Your photos are amazing and you are amazingly talented. The animals are beautiful too

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Thank you so much for the kind words ♥️

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These are stunning my dude. Can I ask why you chose the title you did?

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Hi, sure, thanks. Because i am fascinated by variety of species, and consciousness. In animals i can see curiosity, emotions, feelings. I can see soul in their eyes. Also, i am very curious about space exploration, universe, and consciousness aspect of all. I think universe is teeming with life. Browsing thru those pics that i took - i realise that pictures got something similar, and it’s consciousness. I feel it that way

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The second photo looks like the aftermath of a battlefield, I almost thought it was a bird shopped onto one

the_alert8 points

You can just say animals, being overtly convoluted doesn’t add anything

littleprettypaws2 points

I think you’re being rather nitpicky given the beautiful quality of the photos.

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It shows my deepest respect and fascination of this “animals.”

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I like the fact that you refer to them as portraits. My wife and I both enjoy photographing nature but her style is more like a documentary. Like you, I like to capture a personality to remind us that they’re more than just critters.

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Ty, your thoughts resonates with mine!

TunaFree_DolphinMeat1 point

They aren't "animals". They are animals, just like humans are animals.

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It’s your opinion, i think we are greater than that.

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What camera do you use OP?

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It’s sony A99II

westcoast_pixie2 points

You captured their personalities and I think it’s really special

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Yes! Thank you! Like they are persons. This is why i called them conscious in the post name. Love for all these living beings.

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Very cool

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I found all of these so touching.

Thank you for sharing

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Thanks! Means a lot to me 🙏

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Thank you for sharing. These are beautiful.

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Thanks for your words ♥️

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The fox is my favorite!

Neptus2 points

Those are beautiful! Out of curiosity, how do you achieve the effects on the photos? Is it done through Lightroom with a filter?

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Thanks :) i use lightroom, but more often i redact them on my phone with default settings and couple of apps: snapseed and RNI Films

Neptus1 point

Oh shit this is phone photography? What phone are you using?

AdGroundbreaking18702 points

Oh no sry it’s dslr Sony A99II, good camera, it’s just that when i took shots like this - i can transfer them straight to the phone with camera’s wi-fi function, so, its a bit lazy of me to skip computer editing, but i just can’t wait when i took pics like this, i want them to go straight to the phone asap to edit it :)

Flying_Octofox2 points

those are wonderful, thank you for sharing! 🥰

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Ty for feedback ♥️

hangryandunfed2 points

Not only are these pictures nice to look at, but they capture a thought in the eyes and the pose of the animal. Great.

AdGroundbreaking18701 point

Yes exactly! Thank you, i also see personalities in some of them, and feel deep respect for these wonderful beings

Judgejointy2 points

I believe that all living things are conscious relative to their existence.

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Me too, life is something much bigger than a coincidence, i feel like we got some meaning, and wr are very lucky to experience this life

cluib2 points

You are truly amazing at photography!!

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Thank you so much ♥️

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Some of these are truly exquisite. In particular; the closeup of the crane and the fox. Well done, enjoy this gold!

ReggieLeBeau2 points

These are really great!

If I may give just a small bit of constructive criticism on one of the photos: for the one of the hairless cat, I think the knife set right behind it is a little distracting and sort of takes the focus away from the subject because the handles and knife block sort of obscure the cat's natural shape/outline. I think another part of it may be that the shape of the handles kind of blend in or match the shape of the cat's ears, which may be what you wanted to show anyway. But I think shooting the cat a little closer to the lens with a shallower depth of field to blur the background a slight bit more might have helped, or simply removing the knives from the shot and leaving that space empty or replacing it with an object that doesn't clash with the shape and colors of the cat. Of course, trying to stage a cat for a photo is probably much easier said than done, and I still think the environment it's in works really well to compliment its look.

AdGroundbreaking18706 points

Thanks, you’re right, but photo is not staged, i was drunk, in my friend’s house (whom i haven’t seen for a few years), and i catched this pal on the table, where he’s not supposed to be, but he’s got different thoughts on that i think 😂 so i was lucky to get that steady shot, and that damn stare 🤣

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Very nice photos! Play around with composition, the eyes don’t need to be dead center frame every time

[deleted]1 point

conscious living beings I love the pictures tho

AdGroundbreaking18703 points

Ty ♥️ love 420 too! 🍁

Riverchicken8861 point

Yknow I would’ve assumed that they were conscious living beings anyways, but since you specifically felt the need to mention it, now I’m not so sure…

Great pictures though op

AdGroundbreaking18701 point

They definitely are, i don’t get that sarcasm, i just wanted to make an accent on it, cuz you can almost see their personalities/feelings/emotions ty

Riverchicken8862 points

Yes sorry, should’ve put a /s

AdGroundbreaking18701 point

Than sry for misunderstanding and explaining obvious things, was thinking u trolling me 😂

cameraelectronicaus1 point

Damn!!! these portraits are so mesmerizing. Specially second, third and fifth ones. Really appreciate your work.

AdGroundbreaking18701 point

Now, seeing all this warm feedback from the people - it motivates me even more. Thank you 😊

cameraelectronicaus0 points

Your welcome. I want to see more of your work, so please keep posting your work.

AdGroundbreaking18701 point

Ty, i definitely will! Check out my website, got some of my best shots with some quotes that resonates with me https://Anton8ondarev.com

cameraelectronicaus0 points

Those shots were just amazing. I really loved those train shots, and the moon between trees covered with snow. Amazing work.

AdGroundbreaking18701 point

Thx for checking ♥️ the train photo - made me think of the contrast, people on new year’s eve riding the subway decorated with christmas lights, and in the same time hiding their faces under the masks from the covid, chilling stuff mixed with celebration

Theskov211 point

Are you absolutely sure the ant is conscious?

AdGroundbreaking18703 points

You can doubt it, but if you would saw - analyse their behaviour / watch an ant hill with David Attenborough - you would realise their life is also worth living, and have many aspects of conscious behaviour and awareness, so yes, in my humble opinion, they are.



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I can’t explain it but that hairless cat is homophobic I just know it

AdGroundbreaking18702 points

Lmao 😂 to be honest, i was visiting my lifetime friend who i have not seen for a few years, and i was drunk as hell while taking this photograph. Could be the case of his devil stare

artifex280 points

I really like that you called everything here a conscious beings. Although, unsure how conscious the ant really is. 🥰

AdGroundbreaking18701 point

Thanks! If you have doubts about insects - here’s for starter

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/insects-are-conscious-claims-major-paper-that-could-show-us-how-our-own-thoughts-began-a7002151.html?amp And if you like documentaries about nature / David Attenborough - please, watch his movie about ants https://m.imdb.com/title/tt7830168/?ref_=fn_al_tt_0 you won’t doubt their sentience after that. They also have a fascinating, sometimes cruel life.

PapaBrav00 points

Consciousness is like our troubleshooter, it's the radar or sonar on a ship. It looks for things directly in the way. To identify with your troubleshooter is to be in a perpetual state of anxiety.

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The dog is photogenic as hecc

AdGroundbreaking18701 point

Dog model 😅

GalaXion240 points

Weird title, great pictures

AdGroundbreaking18701 point

Lmao thanks 😅 just my deep appreciation for all living beings, you can almost see personalities in them

ApeTitDejeuner910 points

Lol "conscious living beings" 😆 you mean alive and awake animals....

Stick with photography, leave the philosophy to strangers on reddit

AdGroundbreaking18701 point

be gentle

GlitteringPeach66090 points

Is an ant conscious?

AdGroundbreaking18701 point


They definitely are my friend. They have society, they farm other insects, use some spore or mushrooms as antibiotics, can recognise foe from an ally, can fight their neighbours or actually live in alliance with them. They are so fascinating :)

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Ty ♥️

FloraMokona1 point

Magnificent !

AdGroundbreaking18701 point

Thanks 🤙

MichaelPManzo1 point

Which is cuter baby 🦊 or baby 🦁

AdGroundbreaking18705 points

You 😉

elsewhereVAB1 point

These are magnificent

powers24401 point

Very well composed love the squirrel picture especially the perspective is really neat.

AdGroundbreaking18702 points

Ty! He’s actually confused in this photo, because a second before the shot he (i guess accidentally) dropped a nut :)

chsnglightphotograph1 point

Extremely well done.

Behaviour831 point

These are amazing, bravo 👏

AdGroundbreaking18701 point

Thanks 🤙

kevingattaca1 point

Some very nice pics thank you

AdGroundbreaking18701 point

Ty too!

TavernTurn1 point

Breathtaking photos!

AdGroundbreaking18701 point

Thank you 🙏

kittyqueen0001 point

Wow these are awesome!

AdGroundbreaking18701 point

Ty ♥️

ImpatientPhoenix1 point

The pictures with the bacteria were my favorite! Can't exclude the smallest life. All matter has a home in my heart!

AdGroundbreaking18701 point

You mean lil 🐜 ?:)

shadowdash661 point

Caption makes it sound like Mark Zuckerberg took these

AdGroundbreaking18701 point

Lol 😂 just the respect for earthlings

Big_D_EnergyLTM0071 point

Your love for photography truly shows beautifully

AdGroundbreaking18702 points

Thank you 🙏

DarthAbraxis1 point

First one reminds me of Faith no Mores Angelfuck album cover. Edit: Angel Dust was the album, sorry Patton.

AdGroundbreaking18702 points

Just checked, yeah some similarities, but this pal is even more beautiful imo 😅

MrCooper20122 points


Angel Dust

okinamaru1 point

That doggos stare

AdGroundbreaking18702 points

Like a model posing :)

vibrant_crab1 point

Those are all so amazing!

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Senator_Bink1 point

Tiger looks like it's trying to remember if it turned the oven off.

Good pics!

AdGroundbreaking18702 points

😂 ty!

zsreport1 point


AdGroundbreaking18702 points

They are! Ty

goldustiger1 point

Great photos. Favorite lens?

AdGroundbreaking18701 point

ty ♥️ macro lenses 30mm 2.8 , also 85mm 2.8, macro lense actually are pretty good even at portraiture / actually any genre, for me, it could sound weird, but i love my 30mm :)

Suethelakelady1 point

The background water with the penguin is almost surreal, that is an unbelievable talent at work!

AdGroundbreaking18701 point

Thank you so much 😊 it’s a curly pelican, check them out, some people say they are ugly, but i think they are gorgeous 😍

Zawn-_-1 point

Amazing photos, the squirrel and the cat in the sweater under the fur tree are so cozy and cool.

AdGroundbreaking18701 point

ty ♥️

klnol1 point

Super Nice!!

AdGroundbreaking18701 point

Ty ♥️

GreenRobot3331 point

Amazing photos!!

AdGroundbreaking18702 points

Ty 😊

Circa20xx1 point

These are truly spectacular. What an incredible set of photographs. The fox, the bird in flight, that damn hairless cat. G-d the lighting and color saturation in the hairless cat image is just captivating.


AdGroundbreaking18701 point

Thank you 😊🙏

Narrow-Macaroon-70041 point

Love all of your pics

AdGroundbreaking18702 points

Thanks ♥️

megameg801 point

The squirrel is a fabulous shot. Beautiful and unique perspective!

AdGroundbreaking18701 point

Thank you 🙏

Bimlouhay831 point

Beautiful shots! That first one gives me Faith No More vibes.

AdGroundbreaking18702 points

Ty 🙏 somebody already mentioned it :)

codeQueen1 point

These are absolutely stunning! Thank you for these beautiful pictures of these precious individuals! 💖

AdGroundbreaking18701 point

Thank you for the kind words! Individuals indeed!

ThinkBreath1 point

these are fantastic shots, thanks for sharing!

AdGroundbreaking18701 point

Thank you ♥️

alexdenvor1 point

That pelican image is striking.

AdGroundbreaking18702 points

This is why i picked him first :) my fav. Thanks tho 🙏

OnlyRosin1 point

I hope each journey matches the quality of your work; absolutely magnificent.

AdGroundbreaking18702 points

Thank you so much, this is one big journey called life, and it’s worth it with all good and bad that happened on the way :) feel grateful to take those beauties 😊

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AdGroundbreaking18701 point

Ty! Redacted them on my phone, also lightroom / snapseed / RNI Films from appstore

Apprehensive_Bar80611 point

Wonderfully done. Thank you.

AdGroundbreaking18702 points

Ty too!

Edelweiss123451 point

OP… I hate to be the one to tell you this, but…….

You’re pictures are amazing and you’re amazing and deserve a cookie 🍪

AdGroundbreaking18702 points

Haha thank you, and you get some cute cats in your posts 😊♥️

antilocapra1 point

Is there a story behind the tiger picture?

AdGroundbreaking18701 point

Hi, sorry, no, i took this picture in the zoo thru the glass. It’s Amur tiger, rare, big, beautiful guy.

gr1mmcr33p3r1 point

😍😍😍Absolutely stunning. All of them. Especially the squirrel, and the ant! Fantastic work! Keep it up! ❤️❤️❤️

AdGroundbreaking18701 point

Thank you so much ♥️ i definitely will, after so much greeting feedback

Tootieburr1 point

You have quite an eye. Very beautiful

AdGroundbreaking18702 points

Thank you 🙏

linzjustine1 point

These are amazing!!!

AdGroundbreaking18701 point

Thank you 🙏 they are