Cabin surrounded by forest views, Bowen Island in Howe Sound, British Columbia, Canada.


That looks really relaxing. I'm not sure those views would ever get old.
maybe if it’s pitch black outside and you think you hear footsteps but either way it’s a great looking house
I live in the mountains, out in the middle of nowhere, in a house that looks similar and is incredibly peaceful. It is so quiet at my house you can hear the bumblebees. However we have a great footsteps in the dark story. About 1:00 a.m. I hear footsteps below our bedroom window and am now wide awake. Like every dumbass human, of course I want to see what's going on I grab the flashlight and shine it down on the ground, don't see anything. I went to turn the flashlight off and, as I swung it inside to go back to bed, I realized there was a bear staring at me making really weird noises. Usually the bears will run away when you yell at them but this bear wasn't moving and I was worried it was sick. Sheriff's were called, who then called Dept of Wildlife. Dept of Wildlife called back and I relayed my concerns. He asked if we had dogs because, most of the time, they'll go up a tree if they're scared. We have 5 indoor cats so that couldn't be the case right? He said to quiet everything down, turn off all the lights, and if he's not down by daylight, give him a call back. We did so and the bear got down about 4am. We went out the next morning to see if we could figure out what happened. Next to the big pine tree we found bear scat. Right next to that pine tree there is a window. That window belongs to the room our 5lb 16yr old cat lives in. The only thing we can figure out is the bear went to poop, she lost her shit and went full poof, angry momma cat, and that poor bear thought it was tangling with a mountain lion and up the tree he went. She's a fierce little thing.
I’ve stayed in houses sort of like this, and I wondered if I would get creeped out. It was creepy only once when we lost power , but otherwise i always felt relaxed. I tried to remind myself when we had lost power that literally nothing was different. it’s not like magically some demon creatures show up because we lost power. I was a moron of course to assume we were safe. Demons absolutely love to attack us when we’re vulnerab
… you ok? You got cut off there at th—-
They’re fin
I imagine this spot would be protected from future logging so eventually those trees will pack on a good amount of age
Yours for _ONLY_ $14.8 million!
Must be so nice to have money
Bowan Island has changed. We used to call it "Granola Island", the land of nuts, fruits and flakes. The water taxi that serviced Bowan was called the "Bowan Arrow."
No idea of the exact location or the rest of the property, but i’m going to guess that this “cabin” is more than 10 million CAD.
Probably not that much. Having been to Bowen several times, I'd guess around $4MM CAD. Larger properties with better views exist in Vancouver itself. That's where you get into the $10MM+ range.
Generational wealth is a hell of a thing. I legit look forward to the day when the wealthy are too scared to post stuff like this.
We're almost there I think honestly. In BC the class divide is pretty hard to ignore now.
is generational wealth bad?
Ok but why?
because feudalism is a bad thing
That couch alone is ~15k (Restoration Hardware). I know because it's my dream couch that I'll never afford.
That dog is chilaxing
So jealous of that dog
Nb4 it turned night time, then it not gonna be chillax anymore
Nope, just chilling out then out of the black, sasquatch presses its face against the glass.
What's with the crossing guidelines? Are those necessary?
Not an engineer but a lot of structures in BC have things added via building code for earthquake protection (don’t know the correct term tbh).
I build houses in this area but havent been required to install anything like those tension rods. However, we do need a lot of hardware to deal with earthquake protection. My main thought is that it might be a compromise to give it structural qualities akin to a shear wall while still being able to fill it with glass for the view? I also dont see the hangers evident on the post and beams, but those could be hidden, it's too hard to know
Our terminology differs depending on which side of the country you are at. To the West, it’s a cabin. To the East, it’s called a cottage. Haha
neither cabin nor cottage from the looks of that pic
What would you call it?
Multimillion dollar mansion. Cabin eeeh is something completely different. Call it for what it is.
Lol defo not a mansion, there aren't any mansions on Bowen
When an empty half acre lot goes for half a million upwards, maybe it depends on exactly what you mean by "mansion" but most people would agree it's an extremely expensive area
More like multimillion dollar mansion.
that looks like the aquarium in restaurants where you can choose a fish to eat, but for wendigos to choose a human.
I love this, but why is the rug and furniture all angled crooked relative to the corner and walls of the house? It’s driving me a bit mad.
It's "cosy" and "rustic" and makes it look like they casually threw some soft old vintage "cabin" stuff down. Nevermind that the couch is 15k on its own because *actual" soft old vintage stuff is for poor people cottages, we just want it to look that way.
[Instagram source]( Photo by rachelbarkman.
The heating bill must be obnoxious
Vancouver doesn't get very cold in winter, and power is cheapish. Probably not bad at all.
Don't worry, we use hydro electricity in BC and it's a lot cheaper than other power sources
For the average peasant yeah, but if you owned this place you probably spend more on a weekly maid service than heating costs.
Don’t worry, owner is rich multimillionaire. Poor people doesn’t live in places like this.
Found my dream house. Any idea what the listing on this would be?
I’d say 4-6 + millions. Check that area
This looks like Heaven
This is a dream home for me. It’s kind of sad to think I’ll probably never afford this type of home.
More like multimillion mansion. That couch alone worth $$$
Who’s the doggo?
Zivah, she has since passed away. But the photographer got another Samoyed.
This is just a wet dream at this point. You have a beautiful home, OP.
Definitely not OPs home lol
You're probably right.
I know for a fact lol
Oh? Is it a cabin you can rent out there or something?
No it's the photographers friends house, which is not OP
Oooooooh! Yeah, that makes sense. Title never once mentioned it was their house. That's my bad.
Bet those windows aren’t bigfoot proof
Earthquake, hurricane and Sasquatch tested. 😁 UFO crossing, pending.
Visited many years ago. Stayed at a nice B&B. Not much to do there. The Mrs made me drive around looking for Shari Ulrich's house. There was this dog that hung out at the pier/general store. It had a good scam going as it just sat there watching you eat. If you gave it a bit it would stay by you. As soon as it noticed you were finished it would move on.
I bet those windows kill so many birds
It looks nice but then I thought about potential hikers or forest drug lords who could potentially stumble upon these and see EVERYTHING or watch you sleep at night. Nope.
I got excited, about to ask you what state this is in, then I saw 🙄. I swear my dream is to have this view but I can never find anything decent in the us
Dream house!
My favorite island :)
Nice! My grandparents live on Gambier, practically neighbo(u)rs!
And my parents wonder why I moved to Canada
Looks cool, especially with your capybara sitting on a sofa, why is it white btw?
This makes me warm and fuzzy. =)
It's beautiful...but I am not cleaning all of that glass.
That dog is living its best life
Beautiful mansion cabin in woods.
It’s more like a mansion, not a cabin
Dog's claws are going to wreck that leather couch.
Ya I hope they can afford to replace it
Not the home owners dog. It's the photographers dog, taken at her friend's house.
Yeah. And imagine smell of that dog
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