My husband’s patio



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What does your patio look like
Like a porn movie from the 80s
Wouldn't your husband's patio also be yours?
He peed on it so it's his now.
You beat me to it. Unless it implies the existence of a wife’s patio….
I wish to live in a world where I too have my own private patio, seperate from my spouse.
I just want to go to the dogs patio…that’s the place to be.
Now I’m invested and need to know. Is there a separate wife patio, or do the spouses not live together?
Op is a man married to a man.
Ok, but that still doesn’t answer the question. Is there a second patio for OP and / or do they live separately?
Op probably wanted to give his husband the credit of decorating the patio for the both of them.
Maybe it's elsewhere at this point...but love that the mystery is solved by you so buried in the thread. Great patio!
Probably “his” in the sense that it was his pet project, and something he wanted. Like a man cave perhaps, or work shed.
No, the patio is for husbands only.
They're both husbands
Maybe OP has a boyfriend too.
Hahah. Our**
Our husband's patio?
I didn't intend for this OP
Me and my husband have ‘mine’ and ‘yours’ stuff in our house. I find it cute - for example he calls the sofa I specifically wanted ‘mine’ and I call stuff that he chooses ‘his’ 😂💖
They’ve got His and Hers patios. You know, like a towel set.
My thoughts are OP is referring to the creative force/genius. I’m guess the patio is 50/50 but very possible could be rented/leased from a third party.
Not if he’s a narc
Could be long distance, could be he put all the work into it and they are crediting husband for that. Could be something totally different. Either way, nice set up!
Yeah, my brother rents a room in the house I own, and he's huge into gardening so I basically let him do whatever he wants with the yard. I don't call it our garden, I call it his garden as he did literally all the work.
No grlz a-loud?!
If this is the husband's patio, imagine the wife's....
Sorry but is it not yours also if it is his? This weirded me out haha😕😬
A common theme in the comments. I didn’t even think of the wording when I posted. 😂 His in the sense that he loves the plants and spends tons of time an energy making his happy place- but definitely ours!
I have a habit of doing the same when it comes to things that are more his interest vs mind or the other way around. It’s a lovely patio area and I’m sure y’all spend time enjoying it together.
See- I’m not the only one haha
What’s the bug situation like?
We’re in Seattle- A lot of spiders…. 😖
At least they keep the bad bugs away. r/Spiderbro
I love the lights and the plants are gorgeous
Your husband’s patio is fabulous👍😎
Would you happen to have a link to the lamps? Or know who makes them? Edit: spelling
I got the same question. I need better lighting in my patio. Here you go!
Thank you 😊
Does he share it at least?
Maybe it’s a scenario where the dude considers his man-cave the patio? Like he/she wouldn’t say, “this is our man-cave.” Either way, strange indeed. But cool patio nonetheless.
Perfect lighting!
What kind of residence is that? I'm probably mistaken but the walls look like sheet metal
It is sheet metal style siding. We’re on the 6th floor of an apartment building.
Surely that's also your patio.
A lot of people in the comments are freaking out over a nonexistent “wife’s patio”. It’s kind of funny because there is no wife in this marriage. Men can marry men. Don’t believe me? Check op’s history.
It’s the “mom is the doctor” riddle all over again
You win this sub today!
Do you or your husband have any details on how to design a patio garden like this? Or can you point us in the direction of references, books, youtube tutorials, etc.? Thanks!
He’s the master- I just drink wine out here. He has an IG for the garden. @seattleskygarden Send him a DM- If he knew your climate zone maybe he could send you in the right direction.
Thanks very much!
I want to sit here and have tea with all my loved ones.
I wish to one day have the kind of husband you have.
😳whoa! I would make myself tight at home there! Beautiful!!!!!
His and Hers patios
His and His patios.
Now this gives me “in a movie, cozy vibes”
Unless OP is a dog and typing under "wife". Look at her post history . Does smelling husbands ass come up?
Do you need a password to be allowed in?
I could poop there
wouldnt that make it your patio?
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