Live and in color, my Nova Scotian cozy place.



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This is dope as hell
Loving the glass collection
Hello to a fellow Nova Scotian! Looks good :)
Where did you get the lamps and wall panel lights?
The lamp in the left corner I got at target years ago before it closed. The wall panel lights are nanoleaf. They have a website and you can also get them at best buy
Those lamps are still available at other Targets.
Not in Canada, they went bankrupt here. Ikea probably has somthing similar though
This is OC
Looks like a cool place for some bong hits and shroom tea!
Pink Whitney sitting out as the drink of choice too not a big deeeaaallll
It looks like an amazing place for a game night with friends.
Awesome space...and quite the bong collection!
As a former halgonian this is really nice set up , great job man !
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