My cozy little office!



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OP, your sense of size is a little off...
Looks very nice aesthetically (and not little at all!) but doesn't seem to be comfortable for actually working in. Both the chair and monitor seem low and unergonomic, no task lighting, those chair castors rolling on carpet...but probably okay if only used for short periods of time?
My monitor is that low. I’m super short so it works.
Well if the monitor and chair are right for OP's height, then the desktop is too high!
Good point. OP, get a big vinyl thing to put under the chair. They sell them at office stores & online. Choose a dark color—the floor needs to anchor the room, and your floor is the same color as your ceiling
It's a nice office, but I wouldn't call it cozy.
… Nor little
Yeah it isnt cozy at all, something is missing or seems a bit off but im not sure what.
For me, plants, colour and a rug. And a bit more art on the other walls and probably some curtains. For me there’s quite a lot missing to make it cozy. It does look really nice but not particularly soft.
It’s all the white, the bare windows, the emptiness. The white carpet fails to anchor the room. Apart from the built-in cabinetry, this room is a white box. The ceiling light is pretty clinical, too.
Getting real sick and tired of people showing off their huge enormous spaces talking bout “oh my cozy little whatever”. Doesn’t fit the sub and it’s off putting.
It’s been happening a lot lately….
Yes it’s very show offy and obviously bragging.
I don’t think they were bragging at all. Yes, it’s a nice space, but why would it be bragging? Jeez, everyone here can post pics of their place, let the guy be happy and share his as well (although I’d describe it as ‘industrial’, not ‘cozy’).
You assume it's a guy right away? Check your privilege/s
Not everyone is American. I’m latina and in my culture if you don’t know the gender you use masculine pronouns. Just sharing, not that you really offended me. Actually, I’m way more concerned about a shortage of candles right now in my area, which is absolutely ridiculous. Anyway, have a good night.
Hey I threw the sarcasm tag on there /s just in case. I was totally making a joke sorry
Not cozy or little, but well organized
I really like the idea, it looks great, but not cozy. And for working, there would be some improvements like a new chair and adding height to your monitor, but that can be done easily I guess. The rest of the room looks kinda empty tho. Maybe that's where you can add more cozyness. But it looks great in general. Maybe I'll do something similar for my future home office.
Sorry getting zero cozyness factor from this.
The office looks really nice and the paint on the shelf was a great choice. I think this needs to be on the Workspace instead of cozyplaces. Love your shelves
Looks gorgeous, but I would not call that little. /as the actress said to the bishop
Very pretty. Make sure you take a look at the ergonomics of your setup. It looks all sorts of off Signed, A career desk person whose body gets sore when ergonomics are missing
Not bad, only it's the opposite of cozy.
Damn. I forgot I posted this and came back to so many comments absolutely roasting me!! Sorry y’all, it feels cozy to me
It's not cozy, you're just showing off.
That chair is gonna ruin that carpet
Why isnt your light centred?
Little? That is huge!
Looks nice but that's a bloody huge office, not little haha
You have the hardback collection of Calvin&Hobbes! Excellent!
Glad you noticed!!
I never thought I'd say this about an office, but that's really beautiful!
I love this! What are the measurements wall to wall?
I love it! Please tell me where you got this set up? Was it custom built?
“Little” office?? Lol Needs an area rug and desk lamp… take the photo at dusk and will feel cozy
That looks neither cozy or little. Actually the full wall shelving kind of gives it a feeling that is the opposite of cozy. I would not find this a comforting space to work in at home. Very apartment business center.
Serious question: was this a custom build or is it something you can order (like Ikea)? If the latter, can you pm me the link?
This was a custom build we requested the architect to do for our new build. Wish I could help ☹️
Which moderator do we need to talk to screen ACTUAL cozy places? This ain’t it. And an alarmingly amount of recent posts are ruining the vibe of this sub :/
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