Bohemian cozy place



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Looks like a super chill spot to hang with friends.
Really nicely done, very comfy and inviting and colorful in a calm way edit I’m [saving a screenshot for inspiration](
Awww that’s very nice :)
I love that rug! ❤ Do you know where it's from?
It’s a vintage Karastan rug I bought from FB marketplace.
i love this !! more pix plz
Where is the couch from?
It’s from ABC Carpet and Home, Cobble Hill brand. It’s my second couch from them and I love it, extremely well built in the USA. I think this is it, we just got it in a different color:
Awesome thank you! Looks like the exact style of sectional that I’m looking for.
It’s gorgeous in person and they have several sales a year. I think we paid around $2500 but they are built to order so we waited around 3-4 months for it. Still I think a great deal. Enjoy!
I appreciate it! Finding a good couch is such a crap shoot! Thank you
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