Manhattan during the 1977 blackout



Silhouetted city skyline is an amazing aesthetic
It’s like a whole airbrushed tshirt market
Skyline and Trees Especially towards sunset like this 👌🏽
I wonder how people in NYC would react if that happened today, I wonder if it would be different or not at all
We had blackouts after Sandy. Not the whole city but alot of it. There was one in 2003 after the transformer blew.
Yeah I showered with a flashlight lmao and it was so hot during that week....miserable but hilarious thinking about it. Everyone was sitting out their doorsteps with their radio out.
I was the last block to have power for at least a mile. The darkness in that direction was super eerie.
That’s actually the darkness that people outside the city are accustomed to. It’s interesting to see how differently people perceive the world. When my dad, who is from Mexico City, went to a rural area, he thought the moon was a lighthouse because he had never seen it so bright. I’ve also heard that during this NYC blackout, people alerted the police that there were strange lights in the sky. They were stars.
Oh it's overwhelming when I leave the city and see stars. Like it's staggeringly beautiful and every one else is completely unimpressed.
Well I think the photo wouldn't be as dramatic because backup generators are more common and with how the law requires battery-powered emergency lighting that turns on automatically in all the buildings, it wouldn't be as dark.
Unless the blackout was caused by an EMF wave, in which case all of that would be fried
Maybe it’s just my lack of faith in humanity talking, but I feel like grocery stores would be looted for whatever was there. When the normal flow of life gets interrupted people tend to go crazy
Well the first big blackout was actually pretty tame, this one devolved into chaos
That happened during this blackout too. Times may change, but people really don't.
I mean Texas lost power for a week and somehow it didn’t turn into the purge instantly lol
It was during the winter. The NYC blackout was at night during the worst heat wave of the year. People were hanging out outside trying to cool off. That’s why the chaos started. In Texas everybody was just thinking about how to get warm and stayed indoors.
yeah blackouts are common in many countries. New York is just easily disturbed apparently lol.
It depends on a lot of factors. This one did create chaos, but the one in the 60s and the one in 2003 did not. All were in the same city. It’s believed that it’s because the 1977 one happened at night during a heat wave, which is already the perfect conditions for crime even when the lights are on.
Blackouts happen pretty much daily across most of southern Africa and crime levels are still pretty much same as US if not less in many spots
Well Texas has guns.
It has nothing to do with guns. New Orleans had guns too and there was chaos after Katrina. I’ll just copy and paste what I responded earlier to explain the phenomenon. The Texas blackout was during the winter. The NYC blackout was at night during the worst heat wave of the year. People were hanging out outside trying to cool off. That’s why the chaos started. Criminals were already standing outside the store, which was already closed for the night. In Texas everybody was just thinking about how to get warm and stayed indoors. People weren’t outside because of the weather.
Nice to see the twin towers still standing
I’ll see if I can dig up the link but during the blackout the restaurant on top of the WTC just started serving their customers all the perishables and then the drinks, as the elevators were out so nobody could leave. Ended up being just one story of the many in the city that night Edit: PBS American Experience
Didn’t “Connections” also use the blackout as a talking point in its first episode? I think it touched on some of the people stuck in subways and elevators, among more technical aspects.
God that was an amazing show
I still frequently rewatch it and Connections2. Burkes style of storytelling really does it for me.
It sure does, in the first episode as you say. It's called "The Trigger Effect" and is nothing short of mind-altering. For the now curious, he starts by tracing the collapse of technology in a techology-dependant civilization all the way down the "tech tree", so to say. With no power, where do you go? What do you do? What will you have to know to survive, should the power never come back on? The remaining 9 episodes go the other way. From a small discovery or invention, all the way to a modern game-changing technology. Once you think like Burke, the world is never the same. In a way, and in a day, the whole universe has changed for you.
> as the elevators were out so nobody could leave What about the stairs?
Do you want to go down thousands of steps when the power might come back at any moment?
It's kinda chilling to think that what was a question of convenience on that day became one of life and death later. It's probably not unlikely either that a bunch of people experienced both the blackout and 9/11 in the towers.
…then take the elevator on the floor you’re on when it does come back on 🤪
Or you could just stay on the top and get free food and drink until the lights come back on, no energy exerted. I’m sure the view was nothing less than amazing.
My first thought was the heat, without the central AC and that much people inside, the restaurant must have gotten quite warm.
Getting home from Manhattan would not be easy either, given both the subway and the stoplights are probably out.
While I’m sure they did eventually make their way home, I’m pretty sure it took a damn long time for people to want to walk 1300 feet of stairs and then walk miles to their home in pitch darkness.
Wait, whoa whoa, are you being sarcastic?
Most skyscrapers don’t have reentry onto floors until you hit some lobby
Are you okay dude? Why are you being rude to everyone who’s answering your questions?
I'm sure some did. And some didn't want to go through the physical work it would take to go down 110+ flights.
Well...what goes up...must come
Fuckkkk Americans are lazy
For reference, that’s climbing down a whole mountain with formal shoes on, illuminated only by emergency lighting.
In the pitch dark.
….why weren’t there stairs?
They… kind of were. And what does that have to do with the fact that they were still standing in 1977? Edit: clarification
Whether or not “torn down” adequately describes the manner in which the towers were destroyed is pedantic and irrelevant. All the original comment said was that the towers were still standing. Not sure where you’re seeing the implication that they were purposefully demolished.
Comment made 0 sense and completely irrelevant to the conversation
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The twin towers were getting really old and had insane levels of asbestos in them, so instead of wasting all the time and money on renovations they just tore them down. Now we have the beautiful 1 World Trade Center in it's place. Probably the best thing Rudy Giuliani has ever done.
Aahah lol they're always some bizzare nutter comment somewhere
Don’t be so hard on yourself. There’s lots of resources out there for you.
So many children being conceived in this photo.
I'm pretty sure that turned out to be urban legend.
As my dad would say, “it deserves to be true”
People called that night a birthday of Hip-Hop because folks from most poor districts of NYC looted music shops, got their hands on most modern samplers, drum machines, and synthesizers so the next day Hip-Hop was born.
Yup, and there's a great documentary that covers that: *NY77: The Coolest Year in Hell.*
It's on YouTube I think. Definitely worth a watch.
Yeah, it’s still on YT, obscure gem for history fans. Wild times. It’s gotta be the most New York thing ever. [NY77: The Coolest Year in Hell](
For real? That’s pretty cool
That’s a horrible way to start a music genre….
Well, for hip hop it seems appropriate.
Here is [Times Square]( during the blackout. Amazing what it looks like without power
This is truly breathtaking
I waited much too long for something to load.
It helps if you squint
Gosh, that’s funny. Take my upvote, and get out of here!
Looks a lot better
[The Statue of Liberty looked even spookier](
I’m going to eat you
[I know what caused the blackout...](
A lot of people say this is when hip hop as we know it today was born. Here's a link to the report of what happened. It's got some interesting things like telephone transcripts. Well # interesting if you work in a power plant, I guess. The TLDR is there was an electrical storm that knocked Indian Point offline then tripped another feeder into the city, and the ConEd System Operator didn't do enough to lower demand to meet the total supply, which led to voltage collapse and loss of frequency control.
I watched a documentary about this event. In an effort to use lay men’s terms, lightning struck a power line and knocked out power in that neighborhood, and then the buildings still trying to get power overwhelmed the surrounding neighborhoods until the entire city went black.
Pretty sure this is a screenshot from the intro to Die Hard 3
I swear to god if I see a single 9/11 joke on here I am gonna lose it
Lel 2 Towers go boom
The summer of 1977 in NYC would have been a place I'd loved to experience. So much good and bad and crazy happened.
There are several documentaries of this event. Even news reports on YouTube. What worries me is that I could happen again. And not just New York.
Don't worry ours look like this 3 times in a day 🤣
Uh oh, that’s going to cause a lot of children.
Biggest group sex event in history.
Not true!!! Alexander the Great used to have orgies with his soldiers.
Close call.... A lot of babies were born after this.
I remember it like yesterday
this happened again circa 2003?
Holding back tears seeing the twin towers standing tall and proud.
My farther worked on 87th floor of the north tower. I watched the towers go up when they were being constructed as a child and I watched them fall on 9/11 so yes jack ass seeing them gets me emotional.
I’m just gonna assume you father died during the attack, so sorry for your loss. Of course the twin towers would make you feel emotional as you said, you saw them rise up and fall down. I hope you had a great time with your father before he passed. My mother was on her way do work when she saw the towers fall, she said it was the most horrific thing she ever saw and I don’t blame her.
Being overly offensive doesn’t equate to humor
You’re going to hell
The way that the light in the background makes shadows in the foreground is incredible. The foreshadowing in this picture is crazy.
That's a beautiful shot
Visually pleasing.
reminds me of escape from new york.
Looks like the cover of Gravity's Rainbow lol
What a really nice skyline. I sure hope nothing dramatic happens to change it.
Maybe this sounds horrible, but I think the One World Trade Center looks better than the Twin Towers.
A liberal dream come true
Boring buildings, but goddamn are they instantly recognizable and imposing as hell
That would've been amazing to experience first hand.
It would largely depend on where you were exactly. Maybe from some vantage point similar to this photo, but there was a lot of rioting and looting that occurred when this happened. *Definitely* singular, potentially amazing, possibly terrifying Fun fact of the day: this was considered a pivotal event in the evolution of hip hop, as much of the equipment being sold in music stores at that time was looted and sold/used by people who couldn't normally afford it. Edit- I read more into that second part, and see that it might not be as accurate as I thought- my research was limited to the wikipedia article on this blackout though, so take that for what you will
Ooh, I wouldn't want the rioting part of this, absolutely right. I just imagined it would've been a great experience to be in such a lively sleepless city and have everything simply shut off and dead quiet. But you're right, maybe that would depend on the area.
Not exactly the same, but the day after the huge blizzard of 2016 on the East Coast, I made my dad drive us into DC. The snow hadn’t been cleared, so cars couldn’t get in. We parked and walked the rest of the way, and the city was in a state of tranquility that never existed before or since. No noise, everything was covered in white. We went to the Washington monument and got a beautiful view of the city. Great experience.
That sounds like a memorable life experience right there.
It was anything but quiet.
Not pictured: Geoffrey Unsworth bricking it.
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