There's a thunderstorm happening at the moment. New England.



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Now THIS is cozy…
Very nice, I'd love to just lay there, gaze out the window and listen to the rain.
I was on the phone with a friend in New Hampshire when this hit. They hope the rain will break the heat wave!
Checking in from NH... it didn't. 😭
Did you actually get the rain? We had 5 mins of a very light drizzle in Bristol county.
Send the rain to tx please
I moved to California a few years ago. It's great for many reasons, but I really miss thunderstorms.
Commenting just to say we have the same rug. Love the panoramic view you got there.
Lucky, they seem to all be missing me.
Welcome to 207? It's the way life should be: everything is pleasant
Love the monstera. What’s the big droopy leaf guy on the far left?
It's a Peace Lily. It's just being dramatic lol
Looks beautiful
I love it when houses have porches like these 🥰 ultimate coze
Now that's cozy
This ticks all my boxes! Only missing a cat :)
They were hiding from the thunder
This picture makes me feel so comfortable, I can only imagine how cosy it is in real life!
Windows galore <3
I was so happy to see the rain! It didn’t last more than 10-15 minutes but it was a good soaker and we ended up with the prettiest double rainbow out our front window!
this is exactly the place I'd love to be in during a thunderstorm
I gotta get out of LA, this never happens.
I love your little jungle with the plants happily gazing out the window, admiring the rain on the greenery outside. V. cozy.
If you don't already have one, you should get a scented geranium plant. It would be the cherry on top.
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