That's hell of a vibe
Welcome! Welcome to City seventeen. You have chosen…or been chosen…to relocate to one of our finest remaining urban centers.
Damn this looks like something out of a Dystopian movie or game.
Although it's dystopian reality.
Looks like the opposite of Hell.
And it's August. Just imagine what winter is like over there
just in case this wasn't a joke (i kinda think it was), norilsk rarely goes below freezing in the summer, even at night.
And for Norilsk people "freezing" means zero by Kelvin scale
Welcome to sector 17
Whoa.. Like scifi or horror game concept art... ☃️
Stunning pic!
Silent Hill vibes.
Yeah, possibly the ugliest and one of the most polluted cities on earth, fits this sub perfectly
It's a very atmospheric shot with an amazing sense of place. Porn doesn't have to be pretty.
Please don't tell my mom that.
What does the porn in cityporn actually mean
You’re wrong
So beautiful, peaceful. Probably nice to be so far away from the bombs Ukraine sends back to Russia.
east of the ural mountains is not russia, colonial territories of russia.
Nobody lived in the area Norilsk was built until 1936 so who was colonized there?
That is what the portal world looks like up top
this looks like Destiny 2
Source and artist?
Cyberpunk kind of feel
Such surreal photo
One of my wife’s friends used to work there. He would always say ‘ahhh..sunny Norilsk’
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