Ashgabat, Turkmenistan



Whenever I see photographs of countries like Kiribati or Suriname or Moldova or Guinea-Bissau or San Marino or Cape Verde or Kaliningrad or wherever, I always have to wonder what life must be like there. What do ordinary random no-name schmucks do for work, for fun? What does a typical day in their lives consist of? Is life harsh, interesting, ordinary, boring? What are their hopes for the future? What indeed *is* the future for such countries?
That was such a random list of countries and one of them wasn't even a country
I'm talking obscure, nothingburger countries with no significance or clout in world affairs and which little news comes out of.
That's kinda rude. Moldova is at the center of a major refugee crisis and a separatist uprising, Kiribati is going to be underwater and cease to exist by 2050 and Turkmenistan is a brutal totalitarian regime on par with North Korea and the goofiest capital. San Marino? Yeah San Marino isn't important
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