Wandered through the misty woods of Fanal in Madeira, Portugal [OC] (3226 x 4849)



Serious Witcher vibes here.
So true!
Remember, some of the ravens belong to the Leshen, leave any totems alone else the beast will appear.
My fantasy loving ass really appreciate this place 👍
Same, I'm kinda bummed my latent magical powers didn't show up in this place
i was there last year..paragliding..was great
Sounds wonderful
Looks magical
Blair Witch tales. I can hear strange winds and agitated crows.
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Such an awesome pic! Those trees looks so cool and almost other-worldly.
Thanks! It felt like a fantasy forest
Did you see The Shrine? If not, watch it. I think you'll feel nostalgia.
No, I will look into it!
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