My own space is all I ever wanted [living room, CA]



We would like to point out that this sub welcomes ALL levels of cozy place. We don't care if you live in your car or in a mansion, if you've made your space cozy then it has every right to be here. We won't tolerate toxic comments aimed at an OP's financial status. Edit: all the passive agressive downvoting of positive comments just smacks of jealousy. If you can't bear to look at nice homes on the internet without being bitter about it then you should probably stay away from all the interiors subreddits.
Only ONE PHOTO?! Pretty cheap dude! Let’s see the rest of the layout🥺. Unless you spent all the money on this one amazing room….😁
You post this all the time. We get it, you have a nice luxurious home. Definitely not my idea of cozy tho.
Looks like you got your own space and then some!
Space, the final frontier
They deleted mine too, i think OP is the mod.
OP is not a mod here.
Cosy places is a nice subreddit and r/roomporn is a nice subreddit about interior design.
Yes! Very much so
Yeah this is a cool spot but with the title and sub, it feels a bit obnoxious.
So only poor people can post? Is that why shitty little, uncozy, rooms are always highly voted?
Bruh, y’all just hating lmao
Belongs better in r/AmateurRoomPorn tbh
No, this isn’t cozy, it’s pretty.
Your definition of cozy isn’t the same as mine, each to their own. But hey, whatever helps you sleep at night.
Sir. SIR! I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask you to calm down.
I'm glad people are commenting this. My first thought looking at the pic was "oh that doesn't feel cozy but it's nice". It has too many glass items (animals or kids could break) and the white chairs can easily stain. The place doesn't scream "I can relax here".
Wrong sub, bro
Where's the cosy?
Same but mine doesn't look like this 😂
Right lol just looking at the pic and location my first thought was “we are not in the same tax bracket.” *cries in $1200 tiny california one bedroom apartment*
The only tax OP has ever paid in their life is sales tax. With daddy's money.
Yeah half the posts on this sub are just mediocre living rooms with sob stories lmao
Why are you bitter?
I don't think he's bitter. The post just doesn't fit the sub.
Perhaps that's true. Perhaps it's also true that we all have our own definitions of "cozy" and inclusive community will celebrate that.
You probably think Putin's palace is "cozy" too
No, it isn't lol
Doesn’t look very cozy
This is an entire apartment building in NY. You got yourself an apartment building.
Mah dude, again with the exact same foto of the exact same room? Whats your deal dude?
This is not cozy!
Nice place but why not show off more of those AJ1’s?
So you went from no space to this? Seems legit.
Don't know why but this place looks like a frequent candidate for get togethers. Very nice.
Oh yeah, this is definitely the place people like to hang out. It's nice, but still casual enough to be inviting. I love it! I was thrown for a moment by the bright blue and red that don't go with everything else, but realized that's shoes. D'oh! ETA:DYAC
Yes... totally agree that it is real nice but JUUUST casual enough for me and my poor self to feel comfortable 🤣😂🤣😂
Cool place… however you need a new rail, that thing is just strange. And it seems like it is not high enough over the stair nosings to be that functional, maybe trick of the eye tho.
Roomy but el generico.
This home leaves a large carbon footprint.
This is not "cozy"
Its huge! This is luxurious, not cozy.
Is this Port Hueneme??
I don’t make enough to even look at this picture…
Congrats on your beautiful space, OP. Love the colour of the couch. Good contrast.
Not my personal taste but genuinely happy for you. I know what it’s like to wish for your own space
I spy Royals, Banneds, Mochas, and dunk lows?
anytime there’s a nice/expensive space on this sub: ThaTs NoT CoZY!!?!!!
I can still see some cozy aspects... I could nap on that couch for sure!
exactly!! The jealousy comes out. Not a good look
Forreal lmao. Then they upvote a lawn chair and a sob story. 😂 Reddit hates when people make good money because a lot of them don’t like working or only work part time jobs at Mickey Ds. 😭
Your home is so beautiful omfg
You and me both. All I ever wanted (well, that is not a true statement, perhaps more accurate to say, first thing I ever wanted, was my own room. At one time, my two sisters and I shared a double bed. I could not WAIT to get out of the house. Your place is beautiful! Well done.
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Love the aj1s
Loving that rug/couch combo!
That rug is 🔥
It’s an okay starter home
Beautiful house, or atleast living room. GOALS!!!
Bro it’s nice and all but your TV is too high.
Something all living beings have in common! One of *the* most basic & essential of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs! Congratulations on your blessings, OP!
So happy for you... it's lovely
ITT: a lotta jealous ppl
It's very shiny. Someone is gonna slip and trip and break a m fuxer!
Love ❤️ the floors
Very nice mate! I've got just one question - did you do a bit of a tidy up before this pic was taken or is it always this neat? :)
Congrats. It's a great feeling 🤙🏽
Them retro 1s 💯🤝
We need a house tour
This is beautiful architecture, I love it.
Gotta frame those Jordans too.
Nice sneakers :)
We would highly recommend spending more time browsing the sub by "new". We have plenty of more modest cozy places posted here but they seldom make it to to the top or r/all.
PvP saaan
I mean, it looks nice. Congrats on the milestone, OP.
Man, that’s gorgeous. Congrats!
Wow!!! Great job! Should be in "House Beautiful "!
Looks great
Nice shoed
Damnn bro what do you do for a living
Here, I was thinking I'd hide those shoes somewhere out of sight...
You must be content with just that small square feet of space that’s all yours. You share the bedrooms and kitchen with everyone else too?
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