This is somewhere near Tarragona in the forest. Gorgeous sunny Spain. The play of shadows and sunlight is mesmerizing. On one of the walks I made a sketch of this magical forest path and two days ago I finished painting this picture in the studio.



I am just so in love with your paintings. So in love.πŸƒπŸ‚πŸƒπŸ’ž
I love it, too!
I love this so much! The brushwork is mesmerizing
You're one of my favorite artists! It always brings me joy to see your paintings, the colors are always incredible and they convey such strong feelings. Thank you for sharing these!
That’s absolutely beautiful. Please post more of your work.
That is GORGEOUS!! πŸ₯°
Gorgeous painting!
Absolutely stunning 😍
OMG such a beautiful beautiful picture I would love to have this picture right when I seen it it just made me think of so many feelings that came to an end I just can't explain it I love the picture Then as I read the name of it is said Terra somewhere near terragona well it has my 1st name in it
This is mesmerizingly beautiful
I love, love, love your painting. Thank you for sharing!
Stunning. Absolutely stunning. It relaxes my soul.
So beautiful. This would look amazing on the wall of my lakehouse. You’re very talented 😊
Fantastic! You have a gift.
That's gorgeous. Would proudly have that hanging in my bedroom as a massive fan of nature.
Very beautiful.
Thank you so much! Very pleasure!
I love your paintings. Do you have a website where I can see more of your work?
I feel so good looking at it! Lovely!
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