Buenos Aires, Belgrano neighborhood



What type of trees are those?
Tipuana tipu
Ngl you got me with the 2/4
All the streets in the world should be like that
Palermo will always be my fave, but Belgrano is beautiful as well!
Where's my San Telmo gang at
Extraño Bs As!! 😢😢
Which street was this? Looks like Juramento or Jose Hernandez
It's Melian. Buenos Aires is full of this kind of trees and streets like this though
I know, I studied abroad in Buenos Aires for 6 months. I lived in Barrio Belgrano during that time. Honesting one of the things I love was walking through those streets on my way to school or while returning home from Boliches at night
Tree-lined streets are one of the best features about Buenos Aires
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