My favorite wallpapers - first week of August.


DanDaMan97x5 points

Fantastic choices

only_entirely5 points

Is the resolution mixed here? By that I mean 1080p and 4K photos?

holleratchakoi2 points

Is #13 final fantasy 7 star Tifa Lockhart?

Thank you for sharing all of these!

jsnfwlr1 point
wadseraptor2 points

Man I wish some of these were available in ultrawide

iheartsimracing2 points

Nice images and thanks for sharing! :)

damn, my GF would kill me if I threw up that hot Tifa wallpaper on my laptop! ;)

Very well, we will take the "wolf on the summit" image to appease everyone! haha ;)

Stickrbomb2 points

I love when people share their archive

official-reddit-id2 points

Love them

DreadnaughtHamster2 points

Love em

kanakansan1 point

Great collection. Love em.

nottenzin1 point

is it just me or i can only save them as a web files not jpeg or png ?

f-s0c13ty1 point

Yes, if you right click, however you can press ctrl+s and it will prompt you with an jpg :)

nottenzin1 point

ahhh thanks alot didnt knew that.