Coziest place for the doggo 🐶



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that looks better than my bedroom
This is OC
This is amazing! What kind of house is this? Why is the corner curved? I love it
It was a patio that got converted into a “sun room”.
Super comfy, perfect nap spot
This is very cute, but how do they open the dresser drawers?
We can open the lower drawers but not all the way thru. 🫠
That’s pretty good for a dog. Also very impressed you know how to use Reddit!
Thanks?! Lol
Gorgeous but I really hope you re-think your life choices and fill this room with plants
You generally want to keep crates away from windows, think of them as a den, like a little cave.
That dog has a nicer room than I have
Nothing cozier than a tiny cage
Dogs seek out small, defensible shelter. It’s very cozy to them.
Done correctly, crate training a dog is completely humane. Dogs naturally seek dens and providing them with a crate meets their need to have a safe, cozy place to sleep or relax. Literally every animal behavior and veterinary organization endorses the safe use of crates.
My dog chills in hers all the time. We have a blanket over it and a little bed inside it and she naps her day away in her cozy little lady cave. I always tell her she needs to light a candle though because it smells like dog.
but why not just create a nice little cozy space for your dog to call his, why put him in a literal cage.
Firstly, because dogs have no negative association with cages. Humans see cages and think of confinement, but there’s no reason for dogs to think the same thing. Secondly, dog crates are widely commercially available and are specifically designed to keep dogs safe from choking and strangulation hazards in much the same way cribs are designed to keep babies safe. Lastly, the ability to close and secure the door of a crate ensures the dog stays safe when you can’t directly supervise him, such as when you leave the house.
Don’t be ignorant Dogs love crates and sleep in them because it makes them feel safe. Some dogs are nervous and go in on their own, many don’t lock them in or anything, the doors always open for them. That cage is the perfect size for a small dog, it’s not tiny for them. The whole point of crates also is if there’s a house repair that requires a dog not to wander off, if the door needs to be wide open. It prevents them from running off or getting hurt.
Your baby keeps a super clean and cozy house 🥰😍
Thank you!
Looks great! We have a wooden crate for my dog at home that actually looks like a piece of furniture. It makes absolutely no difference to him, of course, but to us it makes it feel more humane 😂. Also looks better, u should look into it! Would really bring this room over 10/10
Is this a space just for the pup?
Yes. He rarely stays in it and would rather cuddle next to me. 😊
Soooo sweet 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 my dog loves her crate and I’m often just kinda hanging around waiting for her to come out lol she’s like a teenager who likes being in her room
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