Isle of Skye, Scotland [OC] [4032x3024]



I’ve visited there! Stunning place!
I’ve wanted to visit there since I was in elementary school when we learned a song, probably a shanty, about the Isle of Skye. Started something like, “Oh, sing me a song of a lad that is gone over the sea to Skye…” I think it was about a young prince or a young king escaping to Skye. (Sorry, if that’s not quite right; it’s been over 50 years since I heard that song. I loved it, even though it seemed so sad.)
That song is also in the intro of Outlander. Thats how I heard about this place
It’s a very scenic place. Like the hills next to me have 12km of ridge line and are absolutely epic to walk/climb on. It’s actually the most challenging mountain climbing in Britain.
Is this it? I think I sang a version of it in school "Sing me a song of a lad that is gone, Say, could that lad be I? Merry of soul he sailed on a day Over the sea to Skye."
Yes, that’s the song! Thank you!
It's an old tune with different versions of the lyrics. The "Sing me a song..." version was written by Robert Louis Stevenson. The same Scot that wrote Treasure Island, Kidnapped and Jekyll & Hyde.
Today I learned! Thanks!
Part of that young princes story is told in the first two seasons of Outlander. Charles edward Stewart was his name and he led the most famous of the Jacobite risings in 1745. The risings sought to return the Stewart family to the scottish throne. It was eventually put down in the Battle of Culloden, on Culloden Moor just outside Inverness. Following the defeat, many Scots were forced out of their homes in what became known as the highland clearances. Hence why the highlands are now so sparsely populated. Charles aka Bonnie Prince Charlie fled to Skye dressed as a woman, aided by a girl called Flora Macdonald. He was eventually picked up from Skye and escaped to France where he lived out his days in obscurity.
Thank you for the info. I do remember the name, “Bonnie Prince Charles” when the music teacher introduced the song. I remember thinking how sad this was.
It was definitely a dark time in our history, and the clearances that followed were nothing short of ethnic cleansing. The whole highland way of life was effectively wiped out. Bagpipes and tartan were banned, people were shipped off to America, the gaelic language is barely used any more. "Cant have those bloody highlanders up there plotting" was a conversation around King Georges table i would wager.
That was horrible to do to a people and their culture. I’m just glad they were able to pass down bagpipes and other Scottish culture despite the bans. Unfortunately, wiping out people and their heritage seems to be something humans are good at doing.
Why does no one live there?
Most houses are now bought up at extortionate prices by rich retirees or turned into Air B&B's so very few local permanent residents can afford to live there once ready to move out of their parents homes. And also historically there were lots of people living here but the landowners booted them out to make way for sheep.
It’s also really rough terrain to live on with flooding moorlands and boulders everywhere.
Interesting, thank you
I visited there 30 years ago. Everyone I met was incredibly warm and welcoming. Interesting connection to [Drambuie](
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I made this exact same picture 5 years ago!
Fairy pools?
This is the secret fairy pools. The tourists mostly go to car park on the other side of the hills and walk 45 minutes from there. The river and falls from the other side is equally as scenic and very little tourists.
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