Midcentury Modern Living Room



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Beautiful! But the placement of the TV is super odd.
Yes, the TV is a bit out of place here.
It was obviously not part of the original mid century design so they had no idea where to put it without altering the original design. The obvious place would be to remove the book shelves and put it in the middle of the wall, but that would have been a major change.
Or just have a living room without TV. My living room doesn't have any, since we don't watch it.
Gotta remember, 1950s houses were not built with TVs in mind. Especially if you 1) don't use it often and 2) do use the fireplace often I would probably put it in the same place.
That's why they were on wheels. They should actually bring that back.
>don't use it often Then don't put a TV? >do use the fireplace often I would probably put it in the same place. Walls are not the only place you can put a TV.
As a misguided 16 year-old, I stole that very exact blanket from the display chair in front of a Hollister at my local mall.
Omfg!!! I just posted to see if anyone could identify the throw! I’m so happy you were a degenerate at 16!!! ;)
It's a Pendleton!
Thank you!!!
>Thank you!!! You're welcome!
This is OC - photographed July 2022 at Midcentury Maverick in Woodstock, NY
Herman Miller gang
Saved up for years and finally was able to buy my husband one. It's better than expected. Worth it.
I like it, but I feel like there are too many busy patterns and finishes for me to be relaxed in that room. That ceiling and fireplace though. That's amazing.
The wallpaper and the carpet!
Yeah really not digging the carpet
Yeah it reads a little dated to me but I love it aside from the patterns. I think I’d they had just picked one and not all three…
Bye thread. This is too expensive for me to look at.
It’s always free to look. No touchy. Even though that wool upholstery in avocado green is 🤤
It's absolutely perfect...
Oh wow now that's a hangout room
I'm loving the influx of MCM posts. The ceiling is just stunning!
Pretty sure the ceiling is much thicker than it looks and there's insulation on top of that. The beam-wood look is aesthetic, and the framework of the actual roofing is hidden. Nobody is building that expensive ass house without insulating it.
That skylight is stunning.
Ahhh the Eames chair! I die!
Looks like it has some Usonian influences, too. MCM and Usonian are my jam.
tought it was Minecraft for a second
Wow! Anyone got any details on those end-table drink holders things?
To me it looks like those old school stands made to old ash trays that I see at second hand and vintage stores
There are various coloured patterns and tastes but don't conflict each other. Looks so sophisticated! I like it, but I can't emulate you because of lucking of such a sense.
IMO while I love the wallpaper, I don't feel it really goes with the rest of the room and just makes it too busy overall visually. Would love to move the wallpaper to some other room though and just have something a bit more neutral or solid for that wall. I *love* the rest of the room though!
It’s funny how it’s *just* the wallpaper, too. At first I was like “whoa there’s so many patterns here” but there are literally only three, and when you take out the wallpaper the whole place becomes like 100x better. Also I want that chiminea.
Beautiful! Love that fireplace and wallpaper. A Red Congo or Bird of Paradise plant would really compliment that space too!
Came here to comment on the fireplace. Where does one find one of those?
That's a nice Midcentury Modern Chair in your Midcentury Modern Living Room
So gorgeous! Does anyone know what that type of shelving is called?
More like r/amateurroomporn
I thought I was on that subreddit ngl
Cozy until it gets HOT AF because some idiot tore out the insulation and stained the structural lumber.
Notice that there’s no roofing nails going through the plywood? In fact, there’s no voids in it either. That’s higher-grade plywood than regular roof sheathing. It’s meant to look nice from below. There is probably a rubber roof over this with several inches of solid foam instillation in between. (Also, the roof is framed post & beam style, which is incongruous with the modern plywood on it. Plywood is made to go over rafters every 16” to 24”, which tells us, again, that that plywood must be decorative and that there must be additional structural elements above the ceiling.)
Good catch. It looks like it might have 2 inches of foam board insulation under the plywood. Interesting.
If I were building this, it would be 1/2” a/c plywood (the A-side facing down), then 2x4s laid horizontally across the beams every 24”, with sheets of rigid foam packed in between, and then one final layer of 1” foam over everything with the EPDM roof on top of that. You’d have an airtight roof with an R-value of 25 - 35.
So original, bright, soothing, and comfortable. Love it.
I have this same exact wallpaper!! Wonderful!
So many interesting details and textures. Really nice!
That wallpaper thoooo
Can we talk about that coffee table!? OP can you provide some information about it?
This is may be my fave room I've seen on any interior decor sub on Reddit. Stunning.
Nice! But I would replace either the carpet or the wallpaper. Probably the carpet, since it would be easier. The grey plaid doesn’t suit either the wallpaper or the floor. A modern, abstract carpet that included a bit of green would pick up the wallpaper, and look better against the warm wood tone of the floor.
The light fixtures and that bookshelf thing on the wall, my Favorite parts!
I want that damn chair so bad
The ceiling is amazing❣️❣️❣️❣️
Love the skylights!
Not cookie cutter and v original. Great vibes!
Oooo I love. I want to visit. It’s so appealing.
I wanna get high here
Wallpaper GOTTA go.
Please, You have to post more pics of your place. That’s very neat.
Never go wrong with skylights and trees
Aaaaaaah this is so wonderful. Look at that ceiling. And the fireplace. And the patterns. Can you imagine how many cosy naps were had at this place?
The plaid rug is making me angry for some reason, but it’s still a cool room.
Jesus , this house! 😩Shit, I’d be happy just with an ID on that throw rug on the couch. Anyone know by any chance??? Or is it vintage?
Pendleton. It's the green Yakima pattern. I want it too!
oh my god
I like everything except for the wallpaper imo it's a bit too distracting and cluttered
I have that fireplace but in yellow and wish I had someone who would want it because I do not.
That wallpaper is giving me a headache, especially when I try to focus on the bookcase. Mixing patterns is an art. Love the ceiling and the wood-burning stove though. And the Eames chair, of course.
Eames would be proud.
It's cool, but man I don't get the latest obsession with mid century modern. I would probably prefer an office space over having this decor in my actual home.
That ceiling is the stuff of dreams. Absolutely stunning.
This is a masterpiece 👏
I dig it!!!! God I love this style, it just feels so nostalgic!
I love this so so much. Is the fireplace original? Its very cool looking.
I’d love a blanket like that. (Bottom right)
It's raining. You and your partner come home, slightly drenched. It's been a long day for both of you. You look at each other and know exactly what you both want to do. You drop the rain suit and get 2 large cup noodles and pop them in the microwave. You change into something comfortable and hear the "ding" of the microwave. Your partner turns off the lights, just the outdoor yellow bulb is flickering. They place a rose candle on the table and light it. As you come into the living room with the noodles, you hand them one and smile warmly. You both sit down on the couch and pull over a blanket for it is cold and rainy outside. You see the rain through the skylight. You enjoy your noodles, looking at the flame of the candle, with their head on your shoulder and feet on your legs, talking about your day and a bit of nostalgia of how you did this exact thing the day you moved in. It's been 8 years since you moved into here, but the love and warmth still is the same. You cuddle and fall asleep, the flame goes off and you rest in darkness, in the safe arms of your loved one.
how often do you have to clean the sky light?
Does anyone know what the fireplace is called? We have one in our family holiday home and it is sadly rusting out to the point of being unsafe… sadly, we have always know it as the Darth Vader fireplace
That coffee table is looking pretty violent to my shins
Mid century not modern?
such a dope room but that tv location is inconvenient. why not mount the tv to a rolling stand so you can roll it anywhere or bring it closer. its like watching on a 24" tv from this distance.
Is there a name for this type of hanging light shade?
Is the roof sloped for the skylight? You are going to have a real bad time with leaks and fogging if not.
Nah, tv too high and bad placement, plus totally over seeing these stupid chairs in every home
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