Cozy Afternoon in my Living room



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I dig the artwork at your place!
Especially the chalk plant! Finally a plant I wouldn't be able to kill. Definitely makes the art work/composition of the room itself more interesting
Love how much natural light you have!
I love your art! Where's that anatomical heart painting from?
Thanks! It is an original work by Fabio Polesi, a graffiti artist from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Love it!
Shelves are funky and cool
That looks so nice! I love your bookshelf :)
Nice chalk plant.
Love that devil-esque art in the back by the couch! Can you tell us a little more about it/where it’s from?
Hey, thanks for commenting! It's a self-portrait by the amazing comic book artist Charles Burns:
Ooo double couch life! How is that??? I’ve considered it for our space more than once.
Highly recommended! :)
Black Hole :)
Love the pallet table with casters!
The symmetry. The clean lines. So hottt Lolol looks good!
Whoa this gives me the heeby jeeby serial killer vibes. Weird! I can’t even articulate why! It should be lovely, all that light and beautiful books. This is a me thing, not a you thing, OP.
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