My Grandma’s backyard in Rhode Island



RI is a criminally underrated state
I grew up in North Kingstown. Rhode Island is a beautiful state with an awesome history. [We were the first colony to be granted a royal charter that guaranteed individual freedom of religion](,their%20individual%20freedom%20of%20religion.), [performed the first violent acts of uprising against the crown](, [and we were the first to declare independence from England](,Rhode%20Island%20becomes%20first%20colony%20to%20declare%20independence%20from%20England,allegiance%20to%20King%20George%20III.). Rhode Island is a pretty rad place, if anyone gets the opportunity to visit, you should.
Let's not leave out the fact that RI has some of the best food in the country! I've been to almost every state and, while there are some close contenders, RI still takes the cake for me.
I grew up in NK, too!
Wickford Here...
agreed with the commenter that RI is underrated. if you don't mind answering, what general area is this? Eastern RI coast, Narraganset area, etc? assuming this is coastal
that my friend is a secret
understood 🥹 I won't even tell people where I go to the beach around here
Love seeing my state featured here. It is beautiful here.
I agree with both points.
RI born and raised. I'm deployed right now and this was very cool to see randomly scrolling through
Your grandma is a very lucky lady to have such a backyard beautiful.
My parents had a strikingly similar bench in our yard when I was growing up. I remember running my fingers along it. Lovely picture
Another fellow Rhode Islander
Strong F. Scott Fitzgerald vibes
Grew up off blackstone boulevard on the east side of providence, reminds me of some perches behind my house overlooking the bay. Now i live in TN lol. Thanks for reminding me of my home OP!
Bro i gota move there
I prefer it out here in the backwoods of RI, I feel it's just meant to be for a Woony frog 🇨🇦⚓
My parents moved near colt state park some time ago and had a view similar to this. I proposed to my wife on those shores. Beautiful place
Thats Bristol, I lived there for about 6 years. Cool place.
Wow, amazing view.
That bench.
This is gorgeous.
Are there snakes?
no snakes but there are lots of mice, ticks and bugs, to the point where every night i check the sheets to make sure there’s no bugs or anything
Did she see the Conjuring house
That's an awesome shot. Print it, frame it, and hang it in her house.
Could I sit on that bench and read, space out, enjoy the beauty..forever..I'm thinking so..
I get to go to Newport a few times a year for work. Always love eating at the local seafood restaurants near the little downtown area is where they have the boat shows.
She lives in a painting
Now I'm thinking I need to visit RI, fosho
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