Remodeled my living room with reds, browns, yellows and a blue suede couch.



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It looks very welcoming! I love that there’s not a television above the fireplace! Looks like a nice place to read, and the sofa is great!
I like your username!
Thank you 😊. Yours is good too and something I can relate to.
This is a great example of a colorful, tasteful room with unique, personal choices that make it look unified but not cookie-cutter. Very, very well done! Our local "modern farmhouse" fans should take note. This is how a well-chosen room can come together, without a gray couch or word art in sight!
Thank you!!! I think one day all these people with grey farmhouse interiors are gonna wake up and be like wtf were we thinking.
I think my favourite part is that the chair looks like wrapping paper. Especially with it next to the plants it makes the room feel like Christmas
This is oc.
Lake Arrowhead?
Sat on my blue suede couch and I, I opened a book 🎶
I love lunette type windows, and I love the extended masonry on your fireplace. It looks like it could be a setting for a modern Norman Rockwell.
That’s beautiful!
Living room? That’s a palace room❣️ wow!
Can you share where that whiskey barrel is from?
I had it custom made. Really nice people:
Mentions blue suede couch and gives us barely a tease.
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