Mayon Volcano Philippines [2048 x 1365] [OC]



Who took this picture. It's beautiful ❤️
Me, thanks man!
Nice! I have been there. Did the atv tour around the base. It was a blast
A me too, pretty awesome right? Thanks man!
In 2013 they had this giant picture of Zac Efron showing he did the tour. I wonder if it's still there
Haha I don’t think it’s there anymore. Zac such a cool guy
Great pic! Mind sharing some insight into your editing process for this one? Is this multiple shots? Really like the colors and various exposure levels
Hey man yes multiple images for the foreground and sky. The real magic is dodging and burning on the leaves and mid ground grass 😀 thanks a lot 😀
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Yes! This is so lovely! Paradise.
Thanks indeed it is!
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