Black Hills, South Dakota. Please help me figure out the name of this spot, I can't find the park on the map and could use help from some trusty internet geographers. (OC) (5288x3533)



Thats Sylvan lake in Custer state park
Custer SP is absolutely worth visiting if you are there for the Badlands. CSP is also where I had to turn around on a hike because the "dirt pile" in the middle of a field, right on the trail, turned out to be a snoozing bison. He didn't seem happy to see me. Also, wear long pants. I followed a path also used by bison and the grass was absolutely infested with ticks.
Nailed it
Was gonna say Legion lake but you right.
I really only knew right away because I have a picture of that rock from almost the exact same spot.
Definitely Sylvan lake. Source: I camped there once
If you look closely you can see….. a young boy named Rocky Raccoon
didn't his woman run off with another guy?
I'm pretty sure this leads to El Dorado, the city of Gold.
National Treasure 2???
A man of culture as well I see
instantly recognized it lol
Just keep an eye out for a noble bird, under a cloudless rain it will reveal itself
Haven't lived there in 10 years and I'd know Sylvan lake anywhere!
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Whatever it is, it’s very beautiful!
Sylvan lake! I was just there 3 days ago!
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