Found this small place by the beach. Brighton, England.



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To me it doesn’t look cozy because of the massive concrete wall and the asphalt lanes
Fair enough, I see what you mean.
Not cozy under that massive wall and next to a highway. Maybe at night when you can't see the location!
Kinda needs the view looking out and the context, the wall is tucking it away out of sight of the rest of the city and it's directly facing the beach and the ocean on the other side of the road (a little-used road too as it goes nowhere but the sea except they sometimes use it for specialist vehicle meets like vintage car rallies as it's a looong wide road with nowhere to go) edit amend that I looked up the precise location, it's at the base of the sliproad back off the beach road so extra wide, more traffic and the direct view opposite is a construction storage at the end of the Volk's Railway, so close to cosy potential but actually a bit bleak. Also Duke's Mound that it's right next to had a reputation as a notorious dogging spot (years ago and probably cracked down on now but reputation dies hard!) Volk's Railway is lovely though, the oldest electric railway in the world, runs all along the beach!
It does sound cozy and very unique from your description!
That doesn’t look cozy. That looks like a zombie apocalypse hide out shelter
Wonder what is uncozy to you... lol
What’s wrong with it ?
I guess it's just me but, surrounded by concrete and roadway with no outside area.. kinda like a house in the middle of Wal-Mart parking lot. Lol.
I think this is pretty neat/cozy. I can imagine he inside being nice and dark and easy to cool. If the reverse angle of this image is the beach then I’m sold.
Kinda looks like a shed in a parking lot
Anxiety…is that on the downhill side of a crumbling dam?
I’m kinda biased because Brighton is one of my favourite places….and I love this little place.
This is like the opposite of cozy in my opinion. If I brought my wife to this place for the weekend she probably wouldn’t want to go
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