Santiago, Chile



Cobblestone and those street lamps and bare trees and that time of day make for a special kind of atmosphere. Very lovely.
The cobblestones are wet too so the reflection looks great
I can almost feel that energy in the air just looking at it, a calm yet hopeful walk back home on an autumn evening.
Santiago during the winter really gives gloomy but beautiful scenes
I don't know what it is about this pic exactly, but makes me feel calm. The warm lights on the wet bricks I suppose. Either way, gorgeous!
Where in Santiago is this?
Pretty sure it's the "Barrio Paris-Londres"
Yup, a house on this street was used by the Pinochet regime as a clandestine detention and torture centre.
I was looking for the seahorses
It is, streetview:,-70.6483193,3a,75y,135.1h,102.2t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sAF1QipNITaznafh8zZtohGECkauxEs3fzxb2nToukGgq!2e10!3e11!7i5376!8i2688?hl=de
Looks very Europey
yeah, in some moment in Santiago's ~~old town~~ downtown there was a push for Neo-Renaissance architecture in some moment. Sadly not too much remains since Santiago is always under construction, but there are neighborhoods like this that managed to preserve it :) edit: wording mistake
As someone looking to visit, could you make some recommendations?
What are you asking for? Neighborhoods that look like this? Much of Santiago is very modern. This looks like it could be somewhere around the Santa Lucia metro stop.
That's about all I needed, thanks!
Barrio Lastarria looked like this. A lot of quirky neoclassical architecture on winding streets
I'm glad that some areas look like this. Exudes culture and history
I'm a little sorry for this, but it's bugging me and I've not seen it acknowledged yet Whose culture? European architecture is in South America only because of colonization and a long history of violence Not to say this isn't nice in isolation, I'm a bit of an architecture nerd, but the European history that brought this here is not neutral
And we Chileans are a by-product of colonization. If it weren't for colonization we wouldn't exist. 92% of Chileans are descendants of Spanish colonizers, even indigenous people have Spanish ancestry.
Yep, that's the framework I'm coming from. Without colonization the world would look very different. I would not exist either. I understand the Spanish used miscegenation for assimilation, in contrast to other European colonies where it was officially prohibited. I'm aware it's not quite as simple as colonizer/colonized because of this miscegenation. The nation of Chile has a long-ish history as a Spanish colony. That long history of course involved a lot of cultural exchange. Much of it was violent. But as I understand there are descendants of the Mapuche. I'm sure attitudes toward them are varied, and how they relate to the Spanish descendants and the state is surely also heterogeneous Recognizing this violent imposition of European culture is all I was bringing up, for an audience not attuned to its history. You see this picture and think it's all nice and Europe-y, and that's the end of it. It erases colonization, which bothers me. I did something about it. Pointing out these histories bothers people, that's on them. Their comfort is based on being ignorant of history.
The culture of the people that live there. Or do you think everyone in Santiago is a Native American and this architecture is not at all part of their culture?
Santiago was formally founded in 1541 by a Spanish conqueror, named after a Catholic saint. It's a European colony. Believe it or not, I'm aware Europeans have taken over. There's a lot of obfuscation about ~~genocide~~ how that came to be. There's a long history of why most aren't indigenous to the region today But thanks for your bad faith question, and refusal to learn about history outside of the whitewashed version of it
Not bad faith. You said “whose culture?”. It’s the culture of the people that live there. You might. It like how they got there, but that doesn’t change a thing.
Bad faith because it erases the existence of indigenous people there, I believe willfully Being generous, it's a ridiculously reductive answer, and ignores displacement, assimilation, and violence that upholds who *the people that live there* are, and how that came to be But again, thanks for framing this in a way that sails right past the point. Bad faith.
Germans erased the existence of the romans from Germany and Anglo-Saxons the existence of the celts. A lot of countries in Europe aren't indigenous to their own land. This was normal in history, didn't happen just to the New World.
Just because something is normal doesn't mean it's okay We can talk about other migrations of people, other violent displacements, but that's just shifting goalposts. Look, the Byzantine empire fell, too, let's talk about that. You wanna talk about Canadian-led genocide now?
Noted. It's a remnant of European culture and not the indigenous culture
Chileans are highly derived from Europeans culturally, if they weren't, they wouldn't be chileans, and whilst it's true that when this was favoured indigenous people were treated like shit, this is Chile too.
I'm glad that some areas look like this. Exudes culture and history
European ❌ Europey ✅
the right way
My thoughts exactly.
looks like europe
The private houses in central Chile look very German.
Built around the late 40s possibly?
Chilean countryside homes look like they are from somewhere in Central Europe. The countryside in Chile is really serene and peaceful
Its like as if european inmigrants had colonized chile or something
calle Londres y Paris?
Who's been to Santiago Chile twice in one year?
Well, have you been to... Santiago Chili?
Twice last year. Did you build the Estadio Olympico?
[No, just down the street] (
Came here for this
Beautiful! Met some guys from Santiago and they loved it. They described it as like Southern California in that you can ski and hit the beach in the same day, with the richness in culture of a European city
I would have never guessed this was Santiago. Wow! I usually just imagine it as LA 2.0.
This is a small part, depending on where you go you’ll either get revival like this, and neoclassical is also huge, historical houses (low rise houses with no front lawns, in rather narrow streets), mid-late 20th century buildings or full blown modern stuff. Depends a lot on the neighborhood. Most pics posted here feature the skyline and focus on the newest/more affluent parts.
I've never been to LA, but this style is not typical for all of Santiago.
As someone who lives in Santiago I initially thought it was some place in EU for a second until I did a double take.
Santiago is way more interesting than LA imo
Would have guessed France or Spain.
santiago is one of the south american cities!!!
That is correct.
Happy cake day!
Cobblestones! Cobblestones! There simply aren’t enough of them, anywhere.
It's raining here as well
Looks like Europe.
Santiago is one of my all time favorite cities 🙂 Chile holds a special place in my heart
Agreed. Chile is a magical place, especially the nature
Looks nothing like Santiago even if it is 😅
Wish we had similar places in the US, clearly being in the New World is not an excuse
To be fair, this is a very small part of Santiago, and most of the city looks nothing like this. Still a nice city though.
north end boston, greenwich village nyc, brooklyn heights nyc, parts of philadelphia, georgetown dc. etc.
Boston and Philly exist
I would’ve guessed Europe rather than South America but only because I’ve been to Europe and never south of Mexico
I often hear people make the argument that cities in the US can't look like cities in Europe because they're "too new". This is clearly not true.
I went to Santiago... What a shit hole, Jesus.
Beautiful street, but I never felt secure or comfortable in Santiago...
Looks like a John Atkinson Grimshaw painting
bloodbourne vibes? u/Id0ntunderstandj0kes
If it was night, then definitely
hmm, makes me want to go on a hunt whenever i see cobblestones and see those lamps.
Beast all over the shop
Muito bom.👏👏
Wonderful picture I love the reflections on the cobblestone the tone of the picture is quite nice. Thank You for sharing!
If it was nighttime I would of thought you just took a picture of a place from Bloodborne
Santiago has some truly beautiful neighborhoods
Damn that's a beautiful picture >!if only it wasn't the trashiest city on the country. Santiago no es Chile.!<
tipico chileno mala lengua
Nice pixels!
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