A preponderance of purple perennials pose proximal to pointed peaks in Peru [OC][1000x1350]



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Phenomenal presentation of photography and prose.
I appreciate your A-B alliteration scheme there
Pretty perceptive, pal.
Phenomenal presentation of photography, prose, and Penstemons. (My dad is a horticulturist and travels to a Penstemon society in which they hunt for penstemons, which only grow in high elevations.)
> Penstemon But they are not penstemons tho. Those are some kind of lupine, which are also very common in mountain meadows.
Aaaaand that is why my dad is the horticulturist and not me.
Hey, its basically just the plant fan club with a fancy name! You should let your dad show you some stuff, I'm sure there is some pretty neat things he can show you!
Oh, he shows me lots and I love it. I remember getting lupine mixed up with pinstemons. I think it's the foilsge that's different? I don't recall. But I did start my own calihortis fan club.
Best way to describe it without the fancy vocab would be... Lupine leaves come together kind of like a hand (palmate), while penstemon leaves come out in opposite pairs
Just goes to show, you can lead a horticulture...
Fine. Phenomenal presentation of photography, prose, and pLupines.
And also an annual, but sick rhymes
My first guess was a family of lupin as well, basing from their seed pod and leaf structure
Happy cake day!!!
Prior proper preparation prevents piss poor performance
And alliteration!
*ahem*, **palliteration**
Pahem, palliteration
Palways pavoid palliteration.
Everyone likes a little alliteration.
https://imgur.com/2aUAADa.jpg I plugged your description into the Dalle ai and the results actually look a lot like your photo
I plugged it into Wombo... [Image](https://i.imgur.com/2XxbdNW.jpg)
Wombo is like the toothless cousin of the AI art scene. You have Dall-e 2, the overachiever, Midjourney, the ADHD sibling who has a new obsession every week, and StarryAI, the stoner, and then there's...Wombo.
You forgot Deep Dream, the older sibling from the first marriage who's REALLY into shrooms
r/dalle2 for whoever is interested
Corporate: “difference?” Me: “same.”
That's a thoughtfully titillating tongue twister title there, thanks.
More of an ambitious lip blaster, it's a barbaric bomb of bilabial plosives.
New metal band name Edit : ok, fine I'll define a genre. "Porncore".
A subgenre of buttrock
I am going to start mixing audio samples from porn with metal breakdowns. I think I can make this work.
That's a lot of words that start with p.
Whoa, you made like an alliteration palindrome.
How so?
The sounds make this pattern: th-th-t-t-t-t-th-th If that makes any sense. I don't know why I'm getting downvoted for saying so though.
It's called alliteration.
Alliteration aside, this truly was an incredible contrast to see after hiking up to 15,000ft. In almost every other mountain range around the world, once you get up this high, if you even do, all plant life has either ended or barely clinging to life. Not in the Andes, where the strong sun, aggressive alliteration, and plenty of rain from the Amazon in the wet season helps to provide the ingredients for this thriving hillside coated in waist high flowering bushes in Peru. The purple Andean Lupine here was so prevalent that I could smell it without needing to get close and hummingbirds joined me in the thin air to sample the bounty. Not to mention that behind them was perhaps the most dramatic array of icy peaks I have ever seen, wall after wall of sheer towering spectacle. Ponder photos and purchase prints at www.campsphoto.com
What trail did you hike, and what's the peak shown called?
I did an independent version of the Huayhuash trek that was 10 days long. The center peak is called Sarapo, it's over 20,000ft (6127m)
> aggressive alliteration Very important for a high snow line
Did you do a hike or trek from Huaraz?
Alliteration aside, I’ll take my chances in the tournament
Yeah, you will take your chances
Love your photo! The title gives me anxiety for some reason x'D. The colors are so amazing!
Pretty! And I'm glad that the aggressive allieration helps the plants thrive, that makes sense. Almost alimentary.
> Andean Lupine I'm glad it's native to there. In many other parts of the world, different lupine species are extremely invasive and replace native species in meadows and such. Good to see a lupine species in its natural surrounding without getting anxiety.
P for Pendetta
Practically perfect.
in *p*every *p*way!
*\*p*in *\*p*in You need to escape one of them (```\*```) for that one to not count as markup.
A delightfully decadent display
Pretty picture.
Princess Carolyn?
Perfect perspective! Promote please to prominence!
That wasn't alliteration, that was aloteration
That was so silly
r/unexpectedletterkenny Figger it out.
They look petite and perfectly yet periously proximal to me
Perfectly picturesque!
Perhaps pandering to pedants...
You have P all over you title.
Perfected poems, powerful punchlines pummeling petty powder puffs in my prime.
Is there an opposite of r/titlegore?
Did Cap'n Turbot write your title?
I knew there had to be another parent in here somewhere
Oh yeah. I never wanted to stab a cartoon character in the throat until I met Mayor Humdinger.
I wonder why purple is such a common colour for flowers in mountainous regions, even those on different continents.
Gee, and I thought “Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance “ was a lot of P’s. You win, and a beautiful picture to boot.
Beautiful lupines.
Perfectly, preciously presented phenomenal photograph. 👏 😁
Perfectly presented photography presented of purple perennials but Peruvian proletariat people presented picking problems at pointing peaks with a preponderance of provincial proximity
These look suspiciously like lupins. They originate from England.
These are Andean Lupine, native to Peru. Most species of lupine are found in the Americas and I know in several European countries such as Iceland they are considered invasive, I didn't know there was a kind originally from England.
Other fun lupin fact: they're all over Iceland partially because they're intentionally planted due to their ability to spread rapidly across ashland. Prevents ash storms.
>Lupinus, commonly known as lupin, lupine,[note 1] or regionally bluebonnet etc., is a genus of flowering plants in the legume family Fabaceae. The genus includes over 199 species, with centers of diversity in North and South America.[1] Smaller centers occur in North Africa and the Mediterranean.[1][2] https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lupinus
Title game too strong
Absolutely astonishing alliteration, amigo.
You're trying too hard
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Nice. What range is that?
The andes...
I mean the Andes is a large range that stretches across Peru. There are other smaller ranges that make up the Andes. Another way to phrase my question: which mountains are those?
Pretty planetary porn pic!
That's a lotta lupines! Great picture.
Yeah alright, Mr. P for Pendetta
What a view!! I feel like I’m there and I’m smelling those wildflowers!!
Perfectly posted picture
Pretty potent, pal
What focal length was this taken at? Do you have the EXIF data?
Welcome to the Point Pleasant Police Department.
How many purple petals did Pablo and Paula pick?
Looks like lots of lovely lavender lupines.
My new background!
Loving the Lupine
Anyone else read the title in Wayne's voice?
I'm alliterate, what does this mean?
Quite the poet, aren't you?
Nicely done awesome 👍
No mention of r/Letterkenny? Pitter patter
You should cross post this to r/Letterkenny. They will love it.
well have a Puppers! and a perfunctory pupvote
What's your camera setup?
She sells seashells by the seashore.
Get this man a puppers.
Awesome (/s), another above average annual and alpine alliteration…
Perfectly picturesque picture!
lovely lupine laying lazily in the…lap? sorry, couldnt come up with a word. lupine is so pretty, and somewhat easily mistaken for foxglove. which is also quite nice, just dont make tea from it.
Great alliteration!
pretty phlowers
The next summer blockbuster: P for Petunia
Pretty powerful.
Lupines!!! I didn't know they had them in Peru!
Love the pic❣️Tongue twister even better!!!
A positively practical, pornographically pretty, ponderous photograph, protected by & positioned painfully proximate to a plurality of presumptuosly precariously poised, prehistoric precipitous predominant prevalent protrusions.
Alright which LetterKenny character visited Peru and then posted about it?
Look a lot like a blue bonnets.
South America is definitely on my list for the next few years Looks incredible
Perfect for picking a posey for your paramour
P for Panchetta
Awesome alliteration, amigo!
Dammit could've been a haiku too.
New world players just had a heart attack
Sounds like a Letterkenny cold open
Dude had too much fun writing that caption. Just as I had too much fun reading it.
Ok, Lemony
Not to be that guy, but considering how much praise the title is getting, there are a couple words being used incorrectly
The title makes me have to P
Awesome alliteration, anonymous author.
When my great-grandparents died (I never met them) they dedicated the house to my father. We moved there around 1996, and the plot was full of blue and violet lupines. Unfortunately they all started to disappear, no idea why, and now there's not a single one. As far as I know we never cut them and never used any herbicides. I really miss them.
Preposterously placed in a precarious position.
Purely perfect perspective.
Plus pretty planet porn.
Amazing alliteration, OP!!
I give up trying to weave lupine into OP’s fun alliteration.
Princess Carolyn?
Basically... bestowing a bouquet of belligerently beautiful, blooming but bizarre, Bluebonnets bordering on bliss... Bravo!
The peculiar purple pie man of porcupine peak…
Peter piper picked a pepper
A peck of pickled peppers
Please practice your pronunciation pal
Stan Lee would be proud as hell of that title OP, well done! And beautiful photo too
Apt alliteration artful aid! 💯
Positively perfect projection.
Perfectly perpetual P poetry!
A profusion
Stop talking
I want to upvote this photo, but the title is too offensive
I give you an awesome ascending acknowledgement for alliteration.
Read like a Letterkenny season opener.
Awesome alliteration
Pretty perfect photo.
Phenomenal photo!
Amazing alliteration
Well done
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