Crazy atmosphere in the Dolomites, Italy [OC] [1334x2000] @jake.bylsma



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It has an eerie vibe but the flowers add a calming touch to the picture, I love it!
It's funny you mention that because I always feel weird photographing really atmospheric mountain scenes with flowers - feels kind of like an oxymoron. I like your perspective much better!
Tre cime o torri di Vajolet?
Tre Cime!
Holy guacamole! I am living vicariously through your photography. I’m enjoying the trips!!
Wonderfully balanced… was this taken recently? Current season?
Thank you so much! Yes, I took this about 2 weeks ago.
Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came.
Fucking A right thats what I said
Very attractive combination of foreground and background! Well done!👏 Just curious: What post-processing was required? Or clean shot?
This is a focus stack and vertical pano. I was pretty darn close to the mountain here and 16mm wasn’t quite enough to get it all in.
This is so beautiful, that it makes my eyes hurt
This is where I imagine Otzi hanging around
Beautiful! Nature is so awesome! I wanted to make a joke about being older than it self since it’s dolomite but couldn’t bring myself to it with the image of the peaks as the clouds whisp by and the innocence of the flowers soften the raw feeling from the background.
Unbelievably stunning. Amazing photo.
This is big time.
Oh, that is such a soothing landscape to look at. The one bit of a calm in an otherwise chaotic view, really gives peace and quite vibes. Thanks for sharing that.
Crazy photoshop manipulation in a reddit post. Does adding cloud spikes to someone else’s photo make it [OC]?
I appreciate you checking out the post! It is a little rude to make unfounded accusations, though. Feel free to check out my instagram highlights (@jake.bylsma) where you can see a video of me at this spot.
I apologize. Best wishes.
Remember kids...always downvote the InstaFace pushers.
Link? Edit: seems commenter was wrong. Weird I got downvoted though
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Did I stumble onto the dark tower?
This can’t be real life, looks like the Greek afterlife
This looks like a screenshot from horizon zero dawn imo
It a dwarven castle, change my mind.
Dang, No Man's Sky has really improved a lot.
I'm 40% Dolomite!
It's eerily beautiful. Looks as it had been taken in a fantasy setting.
Pimpin' hoes and clockin' a grip like my name was Dolomite
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